Billy Quarantillo reflects on devastating KO loss to Edson Barboza at UFC Kansas City: “Promise to come back with a vengeance”

In the UFC Kansas City event, veteran featherweight Billy Quarantillo lost to seasoned fighter Edson Barboza by a crushing knockout. Barboza, known for his striking prowess and knockout power, secured a well-deserved $50k Performance of the Night bonus with his win over Quarantillo, marking his first victory since May 2021.

Billy Quarantillo

The Resilience of Billy Quarantillo Shines Through: Reflects on Loss, Vows to Return with Vengeance in UFC Comeback

Quarantillo took to Instagram to convey his thoughts on the fight, in the aftermath of the loss. He remarked on the bout beside a photograph of the knockout moment, stating,

“Game of inches… had a great training camp weight cut, everything went great. Felt great in there and made one huge mistake. This one is gonna sting for a while but it will make me better. Gonna take some time away with my family and promise to come back with a vengeance. Thanks to all the real supporters I love you all. Congrats to Edson, he’s a legend of the sport for a reason.”

Despite the heartbreak of the loss, Quarantillo’s remark reflected drive and perseverance. He acknowledged his mistake and expressed a commitment to learning from the experience and coming back stronger. While admitting that the defeat would sting, Quarantillo promised to return to the Octagon with a vengeful mindset.

In addition to his determination, Quarantillo expressed gratitude towards his true supporters, showcasing his love for them. He also complimented Barboza, recognizing him as a sporting legend.

Quarantillo had been on an impressive winning streak prior to the fight with Barboza, securing victories against some top-ranked fighters in the UFC. Barboza’s hitting ability and knockout power, on the other hand, proved to be a dangerous opponent for Quarantillo.

Billy presently has a professional record of 17 wins and 5 losses. Nevertheless, the former King of the Cage lightweight champion remains undeterred and motivated to bounce back stronger than ever.

Barboza’s Unstoppable Drive: Climbing the Ranks with Relentless Determination, Quarantillo’s Resilience Amidst Defeat

As for Barboza, following his impressive knockout win over Quarantillo, he is now looking ahead to his next challenge. When questioned about his next opponent, Barboza did not name anyone in particular but did indicate his readiness to face an opponent rated higher than him.

“Anyone in front of me in the ranks, everybody knows I never say no to a fight,” Barboza stated. “I fight anybody, anywhere. I’ve fought against the best guys in the world in the UFC… so somebody in front of me in the ranks, I’m ready.”

Barboza’s recent win over Quarantillo has undoubtedly boosted his momentum, and he is determined to continue his ascent up the featherweight rankings.

In conclusion, Billy Quarantillo’s devastating KO loss to Edson Barboza at UFC Kansas City may have been a setback, but the featherweight veteran remains resolute in his determination to learn from the experience and make a vengeful comeback.

Barboza, on the flip side, is more than ready for his next challenge and quite keen on taking on higher-ranked opponents. The world of UFC and combat sports is known for its unpredictability, and fans can eagerly anticipate the next chapter in these fighters’ journeys.

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