Celtics’ Jayson Tatum joins Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Kevin Durant with historic NBA Playoff performance vs Hawks

Jayson Tatum, a four-time NBA All-Star of the Boston Celtics had a remarkable performance against the Atlanta Hawks in Game 1 of their playoff series, not only leading his team to a 112-99 win but also making history that would make Kobe Bryant proud.

Tatum recorded 25 points, 11 rebounds, and two assists, shooting 10-of-23 from the field, including 3-of-7 from beyond the arc. The Celtics dominated the game, leading by as much as 32 points.

His remarkable production has now earned him a place in an exclusive list of NBA players. He is only the fourth player to have scored 20 or more points in 50 playoff games before turning 26 years old, joining the likes of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

Being mentioned in the same breath as these basketball legends is truly amazing and a testament to Tatum’s incredible talent.

This four-time NBA All-Star’s achievement is also a testament to his impact on the Celtics since joining the team in 2017. He has never missed the playoffs in his NBA career, and he has been a phenomenal player for the franchise since his rookie season.

He has played 75 playoff games to date, scoring a total of 1718 postseason points, which is the second-most for a Celtic in a similar span. Only Larry Bird has more with 1790, showing how reliable Tatum has been as a scorer for the team.

This Celtic Superstar has shown that he is built for the playoffs, and if he can maintain his high level of production, the Celtics should have no problem handling the Hawks in the first round.

With this historic performance, Tatum has proven that he belongs in the same conversation as some of the best players to ever step foot on the NBA hardwood.

From One Legend to Another: The Enduring Legacy of Kobe Bryant in Jayson Tatum’s Basketball Journey

Jayson Tatum is undoubtedly one of the most talented young players in the NBA today. The 25-year-old forward for the Boston Celtics has already achieved a great deal in his career, including being named to two All-Star teams, winning a gold medal at the FIBA World Cup, and leading the Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2020.

Many basketball fans and analysts believe that Tatum has the potential to become the next Kobe Bryant, who was one of the greatest players in NBA history. Tatum himself has spoken openly about his admiration for Bryant, who was one of his idols growing up. In fact, Tatum wore number 10 in high school because Bryant wore it for Team USA.

Tatum’s playing style certainly bears some resemblance to Bryant’s. Both players are known for their ability to score from anywhere on the court, their killer instinct in clutch situations, and their commitment to constantly improving their game. Tatum has even been spotted working out with Bryant’s former trainer, which shows his dedication to honing his skills.

JT’s work ethic and talent have earned him the respect of his peers and coaches, who see him as a future superstar in the NBA. He has already proven himself to be a dominant force on the court, and he has the potential to lead the Celtics to many more victories in the years to come.

In conclusion, Jayson Tatum is a phenomenal basketball player with a bright future ahead of him. His admiration for Kobe Bryant and his dedication to improving his game makes him a player to watch in the years to come. Whether or not he becomes the next Kobe, there is no doubt that Tatum will continue to be one of the most exciting and dynamic players in the NBA for years to come.

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