Check out all the iconic World Cup final moments before Argentina takes on France, from stunning Carlos Alberto goal to Zinedine Zidane’s headbutt

With the 22nd World Cup coming to an end, the tournament never failed to provide drama throughout its history.

With the final game being one of the nerviest and challenging of them all, the match has given some very special moments.

Here are 10 most iconic moments of them all

#10. Marco Tardelli’s scream

In this case, the celebration became more iconic than the goal scored.

In 1982, Italy’s Marco Tardelli marked his country’s second goal by gunning toward the sideline and unleashing a primal scream.

Beating West Germany 3-1, Italy ended up securing their third World Cup.

#9. Andres Iniesta’s Magical Moment.

During the 2010 final, in one of the most watched finals in history, Andres Iniesta became a legend as he secured the one and only goal that decided Spain’s fate as champions.

Marking the moment even more touching, Iniesta’s T-shirt sported a message in memory of Spanish footballer Daniel Jarque, who had tragically died just a year before.

#8. France (and Arsenal) seal the World Cup Win

France took the World Cup from Brazil in a remarkable match in 1998. Thought to be at the top of their form, they were not the only ones who celebrated the win.

Arsenal fans in London were also celebrating given the shared sentiments of players and newly appointed manager Arsene Wenger.

Featuring players like Henry, Vieira, and Petit, the celebrations seemed to make sense as the Daily Mirror ended up proclaiming “Arsenal win the World Cup.”

#7. Geoff Hurst’s Controversial Goal

In the 1966 World Cup, Geoff Hurst fired a shot off the underside of the West German crossbar. Unclear whether it crossed the line, after much discussions with the linesman Tofik Bakhramov and a short delay, the goal was given.

Stamping the biggest history in the English Football as their only World Cup win.

#6. The Ronaldo Mystery

Arsenal’s win in the World Cup wasn’t the only major incident of the 1998 final. Shortly before the game rumors started to spread that El Phenomenon (Ronaldo) could be left out of the match.

72 hours before kick-off, Ronaldo was completely absent from the team sheet. Only to be reincluded half an hour later, explained by BBC.

It did no good as France eventually ran away with the trophy.

#5. Helmut Rahn’s Late Winner in the Miracle of Bern

Following a group-stage mockery of West Germany, Hungary defeated them 8-3. Soon after they would meet again in the final where Hungary was obviously thought to be favorites.

In very wet conditions, the match played out a thrilling 3-2 score-line as Helmut Rahn sealed the win just six minutes before time.

The surprise scoreline prompted the term “The Miracle of Bern” as it sent shockwaves around the world.

#4. Roberto Baggio’s Penalty Nightmare

In the 1994 final in the USA, Italy’s Roberto Baggio missed a penalty shot in the shootout against Brazil.

The Italians were thought to be destined for the cup, but luck doesn’t always favor the favorites.

#3. Zinedine Zidane Headbutts Marco Materazzi

Possibly the most iconic moment in football was the headbutt of Zinedine Zidane.

The iconic Real Madrid and French player always had the spotlight on him with his tremendous plays.

In the 2006 cup final, Zidane ended up headbutting Italian defender Marco Materazzi. Initially missed by the referee, he eventually ended up sending Zidane off and ending his career.

#2. Alcides Ghiggia Breaks Brazilian Hearts

One of the biggest upsets in World Cup history came in the Maracana stadium in front of 200,000 spectators silenced by Uruguay.

In 1950, Uruguay defeated Brazil, stunning them with a goal from Alcides Ghiggia just 11 minutes before the whistle. The entire stadium and country fell silent and gave rise to one of the most iconic upsets in the history of the game.

#1. Carlos Alberto’s Stunner

In a very Brazilian fashion, Carlos Alberto sealed the win by scoring a beautiful team goal against Italy demolishing them 4-1.

The moment summed up everything good about Brazilian football and the intricacies of their tactics.


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