Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ barber claims to be certain his scissors can change outcome of the Super Bowl LVII vs Eagles

Super Bowl LVII between the Chiefs and Eagles could be decided by a pair of scissors, according to Patrick Mahomes’ barber DeJuan Bonds.

Bonds has been the barber for the Chiefs team for the past 14 years and has been giving Mahomes a weekly haircut since his rookie season. Mahomes’ last haircut came before the Chiefs’ AFC Championship win over the Bengals and the quarterback is looking forward to his next one.

“DeJuan will keep me fresh,” Mahomes said. “He always gives me the right cut. He’ll be in town this week and he’ll make sure that I’m clean walking into the game.”

Bonds has been a fan of the Chiefs for most of his life, although he was not familiar with Mahomes when he was drafted in 2017. “When a player moves to a new city, there’s a few things that they’re concerned about, and one of the things that you’re concerned about is your haircut,” Bonds said. The barber didn’t have a favorable impression of Mahomes’ hair when he first met him, but it took almost six weeks to get it right. “It took almost six weeks to get it right,” Bonds said.

Bonds and Mahomes have developed a close relationship over the years, with the barber becoming the voice of the Chiefs’ locker room. “He conversated with me and the other barbers and other customers that were in the barbershop,” Bonds said.

“He was very open, wasn’t reserved or anything like that. But didn’t anyone really know who he was either, though? They were like, ‘Oh, OK, he’s a backup quarterback.'”

Mahomes is now one of the biggest names in the NFL, and Bonds is proud of the part he has played in the quarterback’s journey. “He scrolls social media,” Bonds said, “and then a lot of times we have [the television] on ‘SportsCenter,’ so we chime in on wherever events are going on in the NFL.”

The barber believes that his haircuts could have an impact on the outcome of Super Bowl LVII and is determined to make sure that Mahomes looks his best for the big game. Whether the outcome of the game will be decided by a pair of scissors remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Mahomes will be looking sharp on the field.



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