‘I can’t get away from the guy’ Ex-NFL QB accuses Tom Brady of ‘Ruining’ his career

Tom Brady is widely regarded as the finest quarterback of his generation. To be the best, though, one must outperform every other quarterback on the same level. Brady has a track record of destroying QB careers that couldn’t keep up with his excellence. When Mark Sanchez joined the Jets in 2009, he was destroyed by Brady. This was when the renowned quarterback was in his prime and winning Super Bowls for fun.

The Jets and Patriots played in the same division. Brady and team totally demolished the New York Giants, as Mark Sanchez’s QB career took a sudden turn. Sanchez is feeling the chills once more, as 45-year-old Brady just announced his retirement, this time for good. This implies to everyone that he will accept the Fox analyst offer, for which he recently accepted a massive contract.

The former Jets quarterback is terrified since he is presently attempting to establish himself as an analyst at the same place as the former Buccaneers quarterback will be coming. He sarcastically addressed his plight on the Dan Patrick Show.

“I guess thanks for ruining the trajectory of my career for the second time, Tom,” Sanchez said. “I get drafted to the guy’s division, now he’s gotta come to FOX and ruin everything here. I can’t get away from the guy.”

Brady has a habit of dominating and outperforming everyone else. As a result, it’s reasonable to presume that the seven-time Super Bowl champion will aim to be the finest analyst ever. Mark Sanchez is just as eager, and he can’t wait to meet Brady at the Fox studios. Sanchez also hailed the former Patriots quarterback’s brilliance by referring to him as “the man.”

“Obviously I’m saying that in jest. He’s the man, he’s the best of all time and I’m fired up to have him,” Mark Sanchez further cleared his feelings. “That’s pretty cool. Hopefully, he doesn’t get too annoyed with the hazing we put him through as a rookie here at FOX. It’s going to be rough for him.”

Although Tom Brady is expected to join Fox Sports as an analyst, it is unclear when the quarterback would start his new role. Brady is currently enjoying his retirement, which he has taken for the second time in his flawless career.


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