Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ dad along with teammates lights victory cigar after AFC championship game win over Bengals

The Chiefs vs. the Bengals was an AFC Championship game that the fans would recall for a long time. While many people speculated the match to repeat last year’s contest, the Chiefs stood firm and proved their critics wrong on the field.

At the end of the day, the Chiefs came out on top, winning the game 23-20. Evidently, Patrick Mahomes, along with the like of Travis Kelce, gave it their all to see themselves going through to the Super Bowl.

Moreover, after the win against the Bengals, the Chiefs went on to celebrate their victory in a similar fashion to what the Bengals did last year. Mahomes, before joining his team in the celebration, went on to have a chat with a reporter where he said, “I don’t think we have any cigars, but we’ll be ready to go at the Super Bowl,” referring to the Bengals who lit cigars after they beat the Chiefs in 2022. 

It seems like Patrick Mahomes was wrong as his father did not disappoint him or the Chiefs team as the former MLB star player brought along cigars. 

How did Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs team celebrate letting up cigars?

After winning the 2022 Championship game, the Bengals called Arrowhead stadium “Burrowhead” stadium as Joe Burrow was on fire. Furthermore, coming into this year’s competition, the team and Cincinnati Mayor used the title “Burrowhead” to trash talk against the Chiefs. Pat Mahomes, the father of Pattrick, used the same name in his cigar-letting video to troll the Bengals team. 

On the contrary, the Chiefs team did not stop their celebrations there as the entire group joined Pat in a cigar fest-like atmosphere lighting up a smoke and dedicating it to Eli Apple

Consequently, the Bengals got what they deserved- being overconfident, they let their guards down, and in the process, Joseph Ossai fumbled onto the field, which proved costly and ended their hopes of playing in the Super Bowl. 

Now, the only question remains: can the Chiefs defeat the unstoppable Eagle? Time will tell. Stay tuned for one of the fines Super Bowls!



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