Chiefs’ Travis Kelce hails Patriots legend Rob Gronkowski’s Madden achievement, seeking similar success: “I always thought that was cool”

Travis Kelce recently talked about Rob Gronkowski’s achievement as the first tight end to grace Madden NFL cover. He shared that he always thought this was cool. Indeed it was a great opportunity for Gronkowski, to showcase that he is one of the most prominent NFL figures. 

However, this achievement didn’t prove to be very beneficial for Gronkowski. Keep reading to find out why. This article delves deeper into what Kelce said and about Gronkowski’s Madden cover appearance. 

Travis Kelce hails Rob Gronkowski’s achievement

Travis Kelce

In the podcast episode of New Heights, Kelce shared his admiration for Rob Gronkowski’s groundbreaking achievement as the first tight end to grace the cover of Madden NFL. 

Kelce expressed his fascination with the Madden cover, stating, “Well, I wanna be on the Madden cover. I always thought that was cool. I thought it was pretty freaking dope when Rob Gronkowski kinda broke that barrier being the first tight end ever on the Madden cover.” 

Kelce’s words demonstrate the respect and appreciation he holds for Gronkowski, recognizing his trailblazing accomplishment within the gaming community.

When was Gronk on the Madden cover?

Rob Gronkowski‘s Madden cover appearance came in Madden 17 when he was already established as one of the league’s premier tight ends. Gronkowski played a crucial role in resurrecting the New England Patriots dynasty, serving as an unstoppable target for legendary quarterback Tom Brady. 

Indeed, it was one of the excellent opportunities for him as he was the first tight end to grace the Madden cover. 

Travis Kelce

Along with the fame and success that comes with being featured on Madden, there is a belief in a negative effect. Numerous players who have appeared on the cover of the video game since they were given the opportunity in 1999 have experienced terrible seasons, either due to a decline in performance or injuries.

Madden Curse followed Gronkowski as well. After this achievement, he faced many injuries which limited him to only eight regular-season games. Still, his impact on the team was commendable, he accumulated 540 yards and three touchdowns. 

Kelce’s admiration of Gronkowski highlights the respect he has for the tight end. There are chances that he will soon grace the Madden NFL cover. As both players continue to succeed, fans can’t wait to see what next accomplishments they will make with their talent.

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