Clippers PG John Wall dismisses rumors of him negotiating potential contract with Italian team Armani Milan

John Wall was considered one of the best point guards in the NBA when he was at his peak and was a force to be reckoned with his ball defense & breakneck speed. He lost a lot of momentum, however, when he required surgery on his left knee in 2018 and then on his left heel the following year.

In high-action sports like NBA, many athletes end up sustaining serious injuries which later hamper their performance and sometimes force them to sign toned-down contracts with less reputed teams. There were some recent rumors suggesting Wall was also going the same path.

John Wall exposes news outlets spreading false news

John Wall’s once-promising career was derailed by a series of injuries, including surgery on his left knee in 2018 and on his heel in 2018–19, followed by the tragic rupture of his left Achilles tendon following a fall in his house. His stint with the Washington Wizards came to an end after this, as he was eventually moved to the Houston Rockets and then waived after playing for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Wall, looking for a change of scenery, worked out for NBA clubs during the winter. After receiving no offers from US-based teams, he was alleged to be in contract talks with Italian EuroLeague team Olimpia Milano.

On Twitter, however, Wall denied these reports saying, “Where Do Y’all Get Ur Info from? False News ‼️”

The Twitter account named NBACentral, where the news first broke out has 1.2 million followers. John’s callout of the misinformation being spread from such a high-profile account shows how netizens should be careful about the information they consume online, no matter how big the source may seem.

Wall played for the Wizards, Rockets, and Clippers during a span of 11 seasons and started 604 of 647 games he appeared in. He averaged 18.7 pts and 8.9 asts per game during that time. His career numbers are excellent, but the aftereffects of his injuries have led to struggles securing a place in the top teams.

Will John Wall stay at Los Angeles Clippers?

According to reports, the South East Melbourne Phoenix of the NBL in Australia is interested in signing former NBA great John Wall. The Herald Sun states that Wall has been added to the team’s roster of new players for the next season. Wall’s partial ownership in the South East Melbourne Phoenix adds intrigue to the athletes possible relocation to Australia.

After his All-Star days with the Wizards, he showed glimpses of his former personality with the Rockets, leading to the Clippers taking a risk on him. In his current state, he is probably not living up to the team’s expectations, therefore it’s unclear whether Wall will continue his basketball career with the 76ers or another team.


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