WATCH: Warriors Stephen Curry goes viral following his official rap debut on “Lil Fish, Big Pond”

Stephen Curry has quite consistently amazed millions of fans with spectacular plays over the course of his career. The 35-year-old All-Star, who is now considered among the game’s finest players, seemed to have reached the height of his abilities. Many experts agree that the Golden State Warriors could win another championship under Curry’s excellent leadership and play.

Recently, he has showcased his talents outside basketball which includes sports like golf. Afterward, he brought his rap skills to light in a song that was released on youtube.

Stephen Curry stars in the rap video “Lil Fish, Big Pond”

Stephen Curry, in an unexpected move during the NBA offseason, collaborated with rapper Tobe Nwigwe on the new track “Lil Fish, Big Pond.” Curry and Nwigwe went fishing on a boat in the music video, making for an interesting visual accompaniment to the song. Many Fans though, were initially drawn in by Curry’s opening bars.

Curry rapped, “My my my, look how things have changed. They know I’m the one. Daddy taught me how to flick my wrist, I’m my father’s son. Think I’m pistol packin’ how that ratchet on me like a gun. They should put the basket in the casket after I am done.” His skill as a lyricist and his charismatic performance won over many netizens and they showed their appreciation on the internet.

Over the course of only four hours, the collaborative effort amassed almost 16,000 views on YouTube.

Has Stephen Curry previously released any rap videos?

Stephen Curry demonstrated his rap abilities years ago with the tune “I Love Commons” during his time at Davidson when he was on the rise. The song’s success aside, his recent work with fellow rapper Tobe Nwigwe shows how far he’s come as a lyricist. Curry has a wide range of hobbies outside of basketball; most recently, he won the 2023 American Century Championship on the golf course.

Fans are reportedly becoming antsy for Curry’s return to action with the Golden State Warriors as the new NBA season approaches. The Warriors advanced to the second round of the playoffs aided to a great degree by his stellar play last season when he averaged 29.4 pts, 6.1 rebs, and 6.3 asts per game.

The Los Angeles Lakers were a tough opponent despite the team’s best efforts. After acquiring Chris Paul in exchange for Jordan Poole and signing Draymond Green to a three-year contract, the Warriors made some adjustments to their roster.

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