Clippers PG Russell Westbrook makes a superfan’s day with a lovely move

Russell Westbrook always reciprocates the love he receives. He is a hardworking player with a strong mentality and a tender heart. Westbrook is the kind of guy who always comes to the court and gives his best despite the hatred he receives.

Lakers legend Kobe Bryant once revealed that the player who reminded him the most of himself, was Westbrook. Kobe believed that just like him, Westbrook possessed the “Mamba Mentality” too. He often praised Westbrook’s performance and dedication. What makes Russell great is not only his crazy athletic abilities and speed, but also how he treats people especially his fans.

Russell Westbrook’s classy move delights a superfan

Russell said that he never takes fans who support him through thick and thin for granted. One such fan showed up in the Clippers’ second preseason game against the Utah Jazz.

The young fan wore 8 different Westbrook jerseys from different points in the guard’s 15-year NBA career. In a wholesome gesture, Westbrook tracked down the fan and gave him a signed jersey — one that the Clippers guard wore in the preseason game. 

The fan was so moved by this kind gesture that he almost cried. It was a very special moment for the young fan, one that he would probably cherish throughout his life. Although many people criticize Russ heavily for his poor performances and ‘lack of basketball IQ’ there are many who love him and support him dearly.

Russ knows it very well that true fans will support him even if he has a streak of bad games and is grateful to have such fans. Russell Westbrook might not have scored any points in the game, but his heartwarming gesture was much more precious than any preseason point.

Russell Westbrook discusses his outstanding gesture to a superfan

Russell Westbrook was asked about his gesture towards his young fan during a media availability session on Thursday. “When you travel the world and you’re able to go to arenas, you’re able to see dedicated and true fans. Especially at his age. I’m grateful for that,” said Westbrook.

“I don’t take any people that support me for granted. To be able to see that was exciting. I just felt like he should get another jersey, and I gave him mine.”

Via Clipperholics

Westbrook with his kind gesture not only spread love but also made his superfan smile. The young die-hard Westbrook fan now has a jersey signed by his beloved sportsman, Russ.

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