Clippers’ star Paul George gets unexpected NBA GOAT endorsement from Alabama alumnus Brandon Miller: “It’s never just LeBron James”

Brandon Miller, a highly-touted prospect in the upcoming 2023 NBA Draft, made the unexpected declaration that Paul George is his basketball GOAT during his pre-draft media availability. He asserted that, rather than LeBron James or Michael Jordan, the star forward of the LA Clippers is the best basketball player of all time.

Miller has generated interest and raised questions with his unusual choices as he gets ready to be potentially picked among the top 5 overall in the NBA draft on Thursday night.

Brandon Miller challenges LeBron James GOAT debate

In a surprising turn, during a media day interview, Brandon Miller spoke about his thoughts on the best NBA player of all time. He said that he didn’t think LeBron James was the GOAT but instead named Paul George as his all-time favorite,

“I actually don’t think LeBron is the GOAT of basketball. I think my GOAT of basketball is Paul George.”

With Lebron James still actively playing, there may be time for the GOAT contender to strengthen his resume. As far as Jordan goes, many fans have time and time again put his statistics under scrutiny.

According to the naysayers, Michael was not a consistent player and many of his best performances came with particular teammates or distinct scenarios in application. Even if these claims are true, the argument is rather ridiculous as Basketball is a team sport so players should rely on others to enhance their own game.


Despite Miller’s controversial comments, he expressed his excitement at meeting Jordan and having the chance to speak with him during the draft process.

Is Miller in the NBA?

Brandon Miller's Head-Scratching GOAT Choice Baffled NBA Fans - Sports Illustrated

The excellent Alabama prospect Brandon Miller is expected to go in the first three choices in the 2023 NBA draft. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Charlotte Hornets, who currently have the No. 2 choice, are allegedly leaning towards drafting Miller.

Miller’s performance during a second session delighted the squad, and even the owner Michael Jordan was excited. Brandon’s selection over Scoot Henderson may have been influenced by LaMelo Ball, the Hornets’ ball-dominant point guard. Miller is a compelling candidate for Charlotte because of his capacity to excel in transition and take advantage of scoring opportunities as Ball directs the offense.

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