Will Lakers trade Anthony Davis? LeBron James’ alleged frustration fuels trade rumors

According to sports writer and analyst Bill Reiter, Anthony Davis has a slim chance of being traded by the Lakers. This may be because team legend and star player LeBron James is not happy with the player. This was revealed in The Zach Gelb Show.

Sporting the Lakers’ Purple and Gold jersey, Anthony Davis has already spent four seasons and assisted the team in winning one title. The Lakers also played well till the 2023 Western Conference finals before losing to the Nuggets. 

NBA insiders bombshell claim on Anthony Davis trade

Anthony Davis’s health problems have been a major cause of the Lakers’ being bruised in the 2020-21 and 2021-22 NBA seasons. Even though he has been an asset whenever he plays, the Lakers definitely want him to be consistent. 

Anthony Davis

Critics have even pointed out that the pairing between Davis and LeBron James has been fairly disappointing in the last four seasons. However, they also agree that it has proven to be successful for the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Bill Reiter has said about James and Davis in an episode of the Zach Geib Show,

“He’s frustrated with the guy. He doesn’t believe in his toughness for obvious reasons. But I’m extremely curious if the Lakers — I don’t think they will, but do anything bold — maybe move AD?”

LeBron James reportedly frustrated with Anthony Davis

The duo gave the team an NBA title in the very first season they were together and even brought them to the Western Conference finals this year. Clearly, they can be counted amongst the best star pairing in the game in the present day. 

Although the two players were considered to be friends both on and off the field, it appears that their relationship has turned sour recently. Davis was not even seen celebrating after LeBron broke the all-time high score of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. 

Now, it is reported that the captain is frustrated with Anthony. The Zach Geib Show emphasized a 3.5% chance of the Lakers letting go of Anthony. The player is under contract for another two seasons. So, it might be a safe bet to say that the Lakers will wait until 2024. This means that AD will potentially go into free agency.

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

Player rivalry affects team spirit and in turn, performance is not new. It is going to be interesting with the predictions going all over the place. Do you think it would be a wise decision to let a talented player like Anthony go, just to please LeBron? 


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