Nuggets star Nikola Jokic once mimicked LeBron James’ three-pointer in front of him during NBA All-Star practice

In the 2020 NBA All-Stars edition, Nikola Jokic was on James’ team and decided to take a jibe at his captain. He imitated the legend’s three-point shot right in front of him during a practice session. 

The emerging player has participated in the last five seasons and has played on team LeBron 4 out of them all. Superstar player James also has lofty praises for both Jokic and his team, the Denver Nuggets. He was quoted calling them the best team, and fans were impressed.

Nikola Jokic hilariously mocks LeBron James’ three-pointer

Although the viewers do not get to see where the ball Nikola shoots actually end up, it sure is a great source of entertainment. LeBron definitely killed it as he does with his moves.

Nikola Jokic

Colleague Paul George once called this the best move in the game now, and said, “I’ve never seen him miss it.” 

Team LeBron won that game against Team Giannis with a scoreline of 157-155 while Jokic ended the campaign with 5 points, 2 rebounds, and one each of assist and steal. While Jokic’s game is not necessarily an exhibit, he is more into bigger titles like NBA championships. 

What did LeBron say about Jokic after Nuggets loss

King James began well in the first half, but slackened pace in the final minutes, ultimately losing the game to the Nuggets. This was Denver’s maiden NBA championship title since its formation. Of course, LeBron was all smiles and praises for the opponent even as he accepted defeat:

“Probably the best team that we’ve played since we’ve been together for our four years.”

The player’s humility and grace were all up for the show with his words for his rivals. These are not very common qualities among celebrities and superstars these days.

Needless to say, fans could not stop gushing at the star’s sportsman spirit. While some called it pure class and respect, others understood the importance of a senior’s pat on the back. 

At a time when personal rivalries are at their peak, it’s a fresh breath seeing mutual respect among stars. While newcomers are known for their comical attitudes, veterans are also expected to take things sportingly. Jokic and James have proven just that and fans are in awe. 

As an audience, these times serve as great entertainment while increasing respect for favorites. What do you think about a little leg pulling on the field? How should the pranked be reacting to the pranksters?


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