X-Pac once stole $10000 from eventual ‘Kliq’ partner Razor Ramon

The WWE Universe has seen multiple crazy storylines & matches since the arrival of the company. During the early time of the company, fans witnessed some crazy elements like money getting stolen. The same once happened during a match between 1-2-3 kids& Razor Ramon.

During the match, suddenly the 1-2-3 kid decided to steal the money of $10000 from Razor Ramon and then he flees the Manhattan Center. The moment generated a surprise gesture among the fans who are witnessing that live in the venue. 

Razor Ramon had his bounty stolen by 1-2-3 Kid on RAW

The match on Raw seemed to be an easy victory for Ramon, by the match ended up with an unexpected moment. Almost 30 years from now on WWE Raw, this match had taken place. The match itself contains a high-profile action as both superstars deliver a high-class performance. The 1-2-3 Kid also connected with some high-flying action against the Hall of Famer. But when the Kid fails to beat Razor Ramon, he decided the stole the money which is kept inside a bag near the ring pole.

As soon as the Kid grabbed that big money, by seeing this the referee also tried to stop him, but he doges that one and quickly tries to escape from the scene. As soon as Razor comes to know he quickly jumped outside the ring and chase the 1-2-3 Kid. But the chase doesn’t get successful as the Kid had successfully escaped and flees from the Manhattan center.

Razor Ramon

The historic moment itself become a part of history as the WWE Universe has also remembered this moment after almost 30 years. A feud between these two also continues further in the form of a Crybaby match with the exception that the loser would have to dress as a baby by wearing a nappy and sucking from a bottle. This match only occurred once between these two at the In Your House 6 pay-per-view.

‘The Kliq’ was formed just months following the incident

The faction Kliq was also formed just months after the following incident. It was formed in 1994 by real-life friends Razor Ramon, Diesel, The HeartBreak Shawn Michaels, and Sean Waltman Aka 1-2-3 Kid. In January 1995, Triple H left WCW and arrived in the WWF as Hunter Hearst Helmsley and became the next member of The faction.

Razor Ramon

Each man enjoyed a tremendous amount of popularity among the fans, which helps them to boost their own particular careers. Nash, Hall, and Michaels, then among the company’s most popular performers, came up with the idea of forming a backstage alliance


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