“Did you kill Seth Rollins”: Paul Heyman shocks Pat McAfee at PMS amid WWE’s October PLE announcement

On the recent edition of Pat Mcafee’s show, the electrifying WWE commentator made a huge announcement regarding WWE’s October premium live event. Pat announced that the company will return to Indianapolis after a long wait of 7 years for their returning premium live event i.e. Fastlane 2023.

WWE has also confirmed the same in their press release that WWE Fastlane will take place Saturday, October 7 from Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Regardless of this announcement, The Pat Mcafee show is also scheduled for a very special guest is nonother than The World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, but things didn’t turn out according to plans on the show.

Paul Heyman shows up instead of Seth Rollins

As announced last week Raw, The Visionary was scheduled for the show on Youtube. But after Pat announced Fastlane 2023, he welcome Seth Rollins as his special guest on the same. But the Special Council Paul Heyman appeared on the screen. The started with his famous introduction lines and also said that announcements like these need to be highlighted by The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns itself.

Mcafee was really confused regarding this change, as he mentioned that Seth is scheduled to be on the show as promoted on last week’s WWE Raw. Even he questions Heyman that whether he beat down Rollins. whether he kills Rollins or does something else with him. 


After asking multiple questions, Pat also added a few words of appreciation for the special council by highlighting his overall carrier in this business.

However, Heyman stated that nothing has happened to Seth Rollins except getting his head stomped multiple times by the hands of his Money in the Bank opponent Finn Balor. Heyman also joked about getting Rollins’ phone hacked and then hype his match against Breakker at NXT Gold Rush 2023

Rollins later discloses why he failed to appear at Pat McAfee show

After the show ended, The Visionary finally discloses the reason why he failed to appear on the Pat Mcafee show. The World Heavyweight champion revealed that his plane was stuck in the air cause Florida is a perpetual monsoon. He also stated that now he owes Mcafee one, due to missing that show.

The Visionary is now scheduled to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Finn Balor at Money in the Bank 2023. Balor had recently, shown his brutal side because of which fans are now really hyped for their upcoming clash in the premium live event.


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