Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez accused of arrogance by TV presenter: “She’s consumed by fame”

Georgina Rodriguez is a Spanish model and influencer as well as the girlfriend of famous soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. Recently a Spanish Television person criticize Georgina Rodriguez for he rude and bad behaviour.

The last week the Portuguese superstar and his Spanish girlfriend visit Spain for promoting the Ursu9. The Ursu9 is actually the mineral water brand of Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Before we have seen the Portugal star promoting many products. And even during the World Cup, he suggests people drink water instead of Coca-Cola. Just this single word of his affects the business of Coca-Cola a lot. 

Coca-cola saw a great downfall in their business within a blink of an eye. During his promotion of mineral water in Spain his girlfriend and Spanish Tv personality had a heat-up moment.

Spanish TV presenter slams Georgina Rodriguez

In the ceremony, Georgina opens up about how much she likes water and shared her thoughts about mineral water. She told she loved the water so much and it provides her good health, and suggest people drink it because it always makes people feel hydrated.

As well as the water will also extinguish people’s thirst very well.  

As last week Ronaldo and Georgina went to Spain for promoting Urus9 (mineral water) a reporter ask his girlfriend about their relationship issues. Due to this question, Cristiano’s girlfriend felt disgusted and behaved a bit rudely with the reporter. 

Her behaviour is not liked by the Spanish personality Alessandro Lequio who slams her because of her poor behaviour and rude attitude. The Spanish model answered the question very rudely and hit straight to the media by claiming that this news was spread by the media nothing had ever happened like this.


She directly replied to the reporter that no such issue had occurred between them and the media spreading this kind of fake news. The way of answering her is not liked by Alessandro Lequio and he heavily criticized her. 

Alessandro Lequio works as an anchor person for El Programa de Ana Rosa. The Spanish anchor person said she is very rude and she is the kind of girl who asks for Iberian products still now. 

When Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez get together?

The couple is staying together since 2016. Ronaldo went to the Gucci store in Spain, during his time in Madrid and Georgina was working there. They are living with each other for 7 long years. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese star and Spanish model had five children together.

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