Clippers star Paul George’s return timeline unclear for NBA Playoff battle with Kevin Durant’s Suns

The LA Clippers have released a statement providing an update on the rehabilitation of their star forward, Paul George, who suffered a sprained knee three weeks ago. The team confirmed that George is still undergoing exercises and therapies, but there is no set timetable for his return.

Although the update is vague and offers no indication of an imminent return, it does not rule out the possibility of George returning to the court this postseason. In fact, in a recent podcast, George himself expressed his hope of returning soon, saying “I’m gonna give it every chance I got, man. It’s coming down to the wire.”

However, Clippers head coach Tyronn Lue emphasized that the team will not rush George’s return if it means risking further injury. “We’re definitely not gonna do anything to hurt PG even if he does try to come back. If he’s not right, then we’re not gonna let him injure himself and make it worse than what it really is,” said Lue.

Most reports suggest that George is unlikely to return for the first round series against the Phoenix Suns, but there is a chance that an extended series could make a comeback more possible. In any case, George is still putting in the work, rehabbing almost every day, to give himself the best chance of returning to the court as soon as possible.

The lack of a definitive timeline has left some uncertainty around George’s return, but the Clippers remain hopeful. As Lue put it, “We just gotta keep holding the fort down until we can get him back.”

Paul George Playoff Absence Looms Large as Clippers Face Tough Schedule Against Suns

The first-round series between the Los Angeles Clippers and Phoenix Suns is receiving less rest and recovery time than any other series, as it is the only one without two straight days off between any of the first four games.

Paul George, forward for the Clippers, believes that the league has been giving his team a difficult schedule for several years, stating on his Podcast P with Paul George, “It’s bulls—. The league’s been f—— us up for a while…We’ve just had years of tough schedules.”

Along with Kawhi Leonard, George is one of the Clippers’ best two-way players, often taking on the toughest defensive assignments. “I want to guard the best player,” he said. “I want to make his night as tough as possible. I believe that I can do both things, and that’s just how I’ve been wired to play this game.”

However, George has been out with a knee injury since March 21 and it is unclear how much he will be able to contribute to the series against the Suns. In his absence, the Clippers will likely rely more heavily on Russell Westbrook to provide defense. The first game of the series is set to take place on April 16.


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