CM Punk’s return to AEW programming was announced by Tony Khan following months of absence

Prepare to be thunderstruck, my fellow fight enthusiasts, as a seismic announcement rocks the world of AEW! After months of anxious anticipation, the prodigal son, CM Punk, has officially marked his return to the hallowed grounds of AEW.

The wrestling cosmos is ablaze with excitement as the renowned punk icon is set to make his triumphant comeback on the debut episode of AEW’s thrilling new Saturday night brand, aptly named Collision, slated for the exciting date of June 17th.

CM Punk

Tony Khan announces new brand debuting on TNT featuring Punk

In a moment that sent shockwaves through the wrestling universe, the brilliant mastermind behind AEW, Tony Khan, seized the spotlight on the latest edition of Dynamite to deliver news that reverberated through the hearts of fans far and wide.

With an air of anticipation, Khan declared that the enigmatic CM Punk would grace the stage of Collision, AEW’s groundbreaking new venture. As the announcement echoed across the walls of San Diego, California, the unmistakable roar of the crowd confirmed the overwhelming enthusiasm that Punk’s return has ignited. Picture this, my passionate brethren of the squared circle—Chicago’s illustrious United Center, brimming with an electric atmosphere, poised to witness the maiden voyage of Collision.

A star-studded cast awaits, ready to unleash their prowess within this thrilling new imprint. Amongst the titans who have already pledged their allegiance to this daring endeavor are the likes of Andrade El Idolo, Thunder Rosa, the indomitable Miro, and the powerhouse known as Hobbs. Rumors abound that this momentous occasion will coincide with AEW’s much-anticipated brand split, catapulting the promotion into uncharted realms of excitement and spectacle.

CM Punk to return after a lengthy time off following controversial spat with The Elites

The tale of CM Punk’s absence from AEW programming has left fans yearning for his rebellious spirit since the explosive events of All Out 2022. It was there, amidst a tempest of controversy, that Punk and his loyal ally, Ace Steel, engaged in a jaw-dropping brawl against the formidable alliance of Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. The aftermath of this unforgettable encounter saw Steel’s departure from AEW, leaving Punk to traverse the wrestling landscape alone.

However, in a stroke of destiny, Steel has been summoned back into the fold to collaborate with Punk, albeit not joining him on the road for Collision’s inaugural voyage. For far too long, the wrestling universe has been devoid of Punk’s unparalleled charisma and unmatched skills. His return marks a turning point—a chance to rewrite the history books with rebellious ink, defying the norms and electrifying the very foundation of AEW.

The countdown begins, my friends. Prepare yourselves for a collision of epic proportions, where legends are born, and the future of wrestling shines brighter than ever before!

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