Cowboys’ LB Micah Parsons faces backlash for urging Eagles’ OT Lane Johnson to win Super Bowl LVII

The Dallas Cowboys have faced backlash after one of their star players, linebacker Micah Parsons, urged Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson to win the Super Bowl LVII.

Parsons took to Twitter to praise Johnson for his impressive performance, saying, “Go win a bowl for our division.” However, the message was not well received by fans of the NFC East division, as it is not customary for fans to root for a rival team to win the biggest game of the season.

In the NFL, it is not typical for fans to celebrate when another team from their division wins the Super Bowl. This is a stark contrast to college football, where fans will boast about their conference even when a rival team wins a National Title.

So unsurprisingly, fans of the Dallas Cowboys were quick to react to Parsons’ statement, expressing their disappointment and disapproval.

There were tons of other like these under Micah’s post which shows how frustrating this was for cowboys’ fans.

On Sunday, the Eagles secured their place in Super Bowl LVII with a resounding 31-8 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game. Johnson was a standout performer, keeping his record of not allowing a sack intact for two seasons and nine postseason games. He was also named to the NFLPA and AP first-team All-Pro teams.

Johnson will need to maintain his impressive form if the Eagles hope to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs in the upcoming Super Bowl. The pressure is on for the offensive tackle to deliver a winning performance, and Parsons’ message has only added to the hype surrounding the game. With two weeks to go until the big event, all eyes will be on Johnson and the Eagles as they aim to secure a Super Bowl victory for the NFC East division.



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  1. Not all fans are angry at that a little respect for their win is all I read I mean we sucked obviously he is a true football fan who will enjoy the game even though we didn’t get there does that mean he is not supposed to watch it? N root for his division or would it be best he rooted for the chiefs we have two black QB n Superbowl first time ever enjoy that instead of all this wasted energy.


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