Cristiano Ronaldo’s son Mateo causes stir by donning Barcelona jersey despite father’s Real Madrid legacy

In a surprising turn of events, Mateo, son of the legendary soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo, has caused quite a stir in the soccer world. The young defiant one was seen wearing a Barcelona jersey, which goes against the grain given his father’s legendary status with Real Madrid. 

Ronaldo was one of Real Madrid’s greatest players during his nearly ten years with the club. Real Madrid is Barcelona’s biggest La Liga rival. During Ronaldo’s time in Madrid, the Portuguese superstar became an adversary of the Catalan giants, scoring 20 goals in 34 games against them.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Now, an Instagram story shared by Mateo’s mother and the five times Ballon d’Or winner’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, shows the 5-year-old dancing with his siblings Alana Martina and Eva while sporting an FC Barcelona kit.

Fans go wild over Mateo’s apparel

Mateo’s decision to show support for the opponents has sparked heated debate and attracted attention from around the world. Amid rumors of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina potentially breaking up, some fans have symbolized the tweet as “breakup signs,” while others see this as a normal thing.

A fan commented: “I didn’t like it, she should have been considerate that her partner is a RM legend!!!”

Another fan commented: “It’s just clothes.”

Cristiano Ronaldo remains tight-lipped

Despite the heated responses, Cristiano Ronaldo has maintained his trademark silence on the topic. Both his fans and his detractors are waiting breathlessly for his response, desperate for an explanation for this new development. Will he stand up for his son’s right to choose, or try to steer him towards the Real Madrid tradition he once exemplified so magnificently?

The bold fashion statement made by Mateo Ronaldo has undoubtedly captivated the footballing world and added a new level of excitement to an already riveting rivalry. Fans can only watch in awe as the drama unfolds, wondering how this unexpected detour will affect the future of the young prodigy and add another intriguing chapter to the storied history of football’s most famous rivalry.

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