Days after $210 million restructuring, Patrick Mahomes discusses added pressure from $740 million star’s presence

Over the last few years in the NFL, Patrick Mahomes has become synonymous with super-stardom. However, he found the situation at Arrowhead to be a little different from usual on Sunday.

After the lopsided victory against the Chicago Bears, the Chiefs’ QB reflected upon the pressure he felt from all the “Swifties” in the stadium, especially with pop-sensation Taylor Swift watching the game from the private box. Her focus must’ve been on one of Mahomes’ teammates, a certain TE named Travis Kelce.

Patrick Mahomes discusses pressure from Taylor Swift presence

Speaking to Fox NFL after the game, Mahomes talked about the pressure he put upon himself to throw Travis Kelce a touchdown. He said, “I heard she [Taylor] was in the house today. I felt a little bit of pressure, so I knew I had to give it to Trav.”

Speaking about Kelce’s in-game brilliance, he added, “Travis does his own thing, he makes up a route, and I just throw it to him. I think he wanted to get in the endzone just as much as all the swifties wanted him to.”

This comment received a widespread positive response from the community, with some users using this opportunity to allude to the brewing romance of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. “America needs this relationship to work right now, we just do,” quipped one user on X (formerly Twitter)

Mahomes’ restructured Chiefs contract

The way this season is shaping up, every team in the land is going to be up against it while facing the Kansas City Chiefs. Especially with Mahomes in their ranks. To reward the star QB, the Chiefs have agreed to the terms of a sizeable contract restructuring that would see the 28-year-old earn a mind-boggling $210.6 million in the next four years.

This amount is the most earned by any player over the course of four years in NFL history. The announcement received a widely positive response on social media, with the general consensus being that a man of Patrick Mahomes’ talents deserves to make that kind of money.

In three games this season, he has thrown 803 yards, surpassing 25,000 career yards in the game against the Bears. Also, with 7 touchdowns already under his belt, this makes him the most prolific QB in the country by a country mile. Of course, with receivers like Travis Kelce waiting for your pass, the job becomes a whole lot easier.

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