Eight-time Premier League champ with Manchester United backs Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino despite abysmal start to life at Stamford Bridge

The summer window saw many interesting transfers throughout the world. Clubs kept adding new players to their squads to make themselves stronger. Chelsea, a Premier League club, was no exception. The Blues spent over €400 million in the summer of 2023. They brought in a total of 12 new players in the summer market and almost completely changed their team’s roster.

Despite being one of the biggest spenders this year, Chelsea is still struggling. The Blues’ start of the season hasn’t been anything to boast about, and it looks like new manager Mauricio Pochettino is having a hard time getting results.

Garry Nevill believes Mauricio Pochettino is the right man for Chelsea

Mauricio Pochettino arrived at the club in July 2023 as a replacement for Graham Potter, who was sacked by Chelsea due to his poor performance. The Argentine was signed for a two-year contract in hopes that he would improve the club’s condition. The hopes and expectations of the fans are currently crushed as Cheslea won one out of their six Premier League fixtures so far.

Football pundit and former Manchester United right-back Garry Neville has come forward to support the new manager, saying that he is the right choice for Chelsea. “Mauricio Pochettino, I’ve got great faith in him. He’s got a huge pack of cards, and he’s probably struggling to know which hand to play. It’s a mystery what’s happening at Chelsea.”

Chelsea’s poor start under Mauricio Pochettino

Chelsea was close to being relegated under Graham Potter. Mauricio Pochettino was supposed to get the club back on its feet, but the Argentine has not shown any progress yet. The Blues failed to qualify for the Champions League this season, which they won in 2021. Not only that, they are also having a poor run in the Premier League.

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Since the start of the Premier League, Chelsea has played a total of six matches, but the Blues only have five points to their name. In their six league matches, they lost three, drew two, and managed to win only one against Luton with a score of 3-0. They could not find the back of the net in their latest game against Aston Villa and faced a 1-0 defeat at home. The disappointing performance led to the fans booing the players as they went back to their dressing rooms.

Garry Neville has protected Mauricio Pochettino for now, but he needs to improve the pensioners’ position in the league if he wants to remain at the club. Where do you see Chelsea finish this season? Make sure to tell us in the comments.


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