Days after Bray Wyatt’s unexpected demise, WWE star Drew McIntyre shares emotional message

Following Bray Wyatt’s premature death, several WWE Superstars have been regularly paying honor to him. Wrestling legend John Cena, who will make his long-awaited return to the ring this coming Friday, has promised to honor his fans on that special night. The death of the “Sister Abigail” maestro was deeply regretted by multiple WWE former Hall of Famers. Now, the two-time WWE world champion “Drew McIntyre” has added his name to the list of those expressing condolences for Wyatt. 

The fact that he has won almost four major titles in WWE across three brands has made him widely recognized, but not for now. Even then, Drew McIntyre has become an explosive subject since he accidentally injured Xavier Wood with a chair, something he wasn’t supposed to do. After Xavier admitted guilt with an emotional statement for Bray Wyatt’s sudden death, the audience calmed down a little.

Drew McIntyre shares heartfelt message after death of Bray Wyatt

While “Bray Wyatt” aka Windham Rotunda didn’t make his WWE debut until 2012, Galloway’s “Drew McIntyre” character debuted on WWE Smackdown in 2007. Wyatt passed away on August 24, saying goodbye to his 11 years of WWE journey which obviously shocked the big brother.

Recently, WWE published a film in which Wyatt’s WWE coworkers and friends discussed their memories of working with the “Hurricane Man,” including Bayley, Sami Zayn, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, and even “Drew McIntyre,” who never fought Wyatt, but had some greatest teamwork.

The video was shared by Andrew Galloway’s son on his Twitter account with the words “Goodbye, my friend.” Like other celebrities close to Bray Wyatt, “The Claymore Kick” expert also shared his deep feelings for the young WWE star.

Drew McIntyre

He said, “I really…don’t know what to say, and I’ve not been able to put together any words. When something like this happens you start thinking of everything and everyone in your memory, every moment, and it’s funny how clear they are. I guess you never forget anything, We’re just a disorganized file cabinet, and when something like this happens you start remembering everything.”

WWE stars mourn Bray Wyatt’s death

After Bray Wyatt’s passing on August 24th at 36, many fans and reporters from different media paid tribute on social media. WWE also held a tribute show, many former champions and Hall of Famers sent their grief for Wyatt and his family.

WWE shared a video where big superstars like Kevin Owens Bayley, Adam Pearce, and AJ Styles recounted their favorite stories about him. People used to say that he was continuing Undertaker’s legacy, but from this juncture on, Bray Wyatt’s legacy will keep on.

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