Sami Zayn, The Rock, and Ric Flair pay tribute to 36-year-old WWE superstar Bray Wyatt’s passing

Bray Wyatt aka Windham Rotunda, was among the most creative minds the wrestling business has ever seen. This three-time title champion was considered by many to be the rightful heir to The Undertaker’s legacy, which will never come to fruition. Yesterday, the world of wrestling lost one of their former Hall of Famers, Terry Funk, and today, the 36-year-old WWE superstar’s passing news only added to the sorrow of many. 

Fans had been worried about Bray Wyatt’s health after his sudden absence from WWE television. Bray’s condition was kept secret by both WWE and himself. People thought he was healing, and his recent appearance in a fan’s video teased his readiness for the ring, but things took a different turn.

WWE superstar Bray Wyatt died at the age of 36

People said Wyatt was born to be a wrestler because his dad, Hall of Famer Mike “IRS” Rotunda, and his grandpa, Blackjack Mulligan, as well as his uncles Barry Windham and Kendall Windham, were all former wrestlers. Though his wrestling journey started in 2009, it wasn’t until 2012 that he signed with WWE, and a year later, he made his debut on the WWE main roster.

Even is such a brief period, Bray won a total of three WWE world championships.  

Bray Wyatt

The news of his death came out of the blue for many. His initial struggle with COVID-19 earlier this year may have deteriorated his coronary issue. Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp reported Thursday night that Rotunda died after a heart attack.

WWE superstars pay tribute to Bray Wyatt’s passing

Not only fans but many current and former wrestling stars were also seemingly caught off-guard at the news of Bray’s passing. Sami Zayn Tweeted, “I have a hard time accepting death. Denial is strong. I am just shocked, and I really can’t believe it”. 

“I’m heartbroken over the news of Bray Wyatt’s passing. Always had tremendous respect and love for him and the Rotunda family. Loved his presence, promos, in ring work and connection with @wwe universe. Very unique, cool and rare character, which is hard to create in our crazy world of pro wrestling. Still processing losing the goat, Terry Funk yesterday and now Bray today.”, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson wrote on his X (Twitter).

Former WWE superstar “Ric Flair” also tweeted his grief at Wyatt’s death, saying that he felt shocked by the news that someone his son’s age had passed away. 

“When Your Great Friend And Someone Your Son’s Age Dies Within 2 Days, It Really Makes Me Reflect & Think About Life! Don’t Take Any Second For Granted! Rest In Peace Terry Funk & Bray Wyatt!”

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