Bray Wyatt WWE Return: ‘The Fiend’ caught on camera signing autograph amid uncertain in-ring future

Windham ‘Bray Wyatt’ Rotunda has been with WWE since 2010 where he used to perform as Husky Harris in NXT and was a part of the acclaimed Nexus storyline. He was repackaged as Bray Wyatt in 2012 and has had a successful run in the company since then including notable feuds with the leading stars such as John Cena and The Undertaker.


He eventually transitioned to this new gimmick called ‘The Fiend’ which was also quite captivating and went on to win championship gold. But it came as a surprise when he was released due to budget cuts in July’21. He was rumored to join other wrestling promotions, especially AEW, but he returned to WWE in 2022 and immediately started feuding with LA Knight, but has been absent from television for months due to a rumored injury.

Bray Wyatt spotted signing autographs

Bray Wyatt was recently found signing autographs amid the rumors of his return according to the following tweet:

He has always been one of those wrestlers to interact with the fans and sign autographs after shows and his fellow colleagues have always had positive things to say about him. It was rumored before his eventual return in 2022 that he’d go on to join AEW along with his fellow ex-WWE superstars like Aleister Black who was released with.

Update on Bray Wyatt’s WWE return

Many fans were expecting Bray Wyatt to return at Summerslam but were left disappointed. But a few days after the event, reports started coming out which stated that he was dealing with a life-threatening illness. His last appearance on television was on the February 27 edition of Monday Night Raw when he was seemingly building a rivalry with Bobby Lashley which would lead to a match at Wrestlemania 39.

It’s been almost 6 months since his absence and when the reports about his health surfaced, it clouded the possibility of him returning anytime soon. But recently in an interview, he stated that he’s going to return soon.


Bray Wyatt has elevated a lot of the WWE talent who he has feuded with like LA Knight, and has been involved in well-acclaimed storylines like The Wyatt Family including Randy Orton.

His work as ‘The Fiend’ and the aura and mystique surrounding it is something hard to ignore. Which gimmick should he use upon returning and which of your favorite wrestlers would you want him to wrestle? Do give us your opinions.


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