Days after Lionel Messi’s home search admission, conceptual plan reveals $50,000,000 mansion project

After making a move from French club PSG to Inter Miami, Lionel Messi revealed that one of the biggest problems he faced in Paris was finding a comforting home. It is sad to see that the Argentine’s problem has not gone away even after switching clubs. Lionel Messi is still looking for a home to live in with his family in Miami but the process is slow and hard as defined by Messi himself.

Lionel Messi already has four properties worth 15 million euros in Miami. He has two properties worth 1.6 million euros in total at the Trump Royale Tower, one at the Regalia Tower valued at 6 million euros, and another one amounted to 7 million euros in the Porsche Design Tower. But apparently, he is looking for a waterside condo to settle in.

Conceptual mansion plan for Messi’s $50 million Adobe

The conceptual architectural project for Messi’s mansion looks nothing less than paradise. The mansion will be built on an island in an “M” shape, representing Messi’s brand logo. It has 3 levels and several swimming pools to relax in. Messi’s new mansion is designed to provide for his and his family’s every need. It has game rooms, party halls, home theatres, and three helipads.

Lionel Messi

The list does not end there. The mansion also consists of a deck to safe keep yachts and cruise ships and a car garage as well. Apart from all these fancy services it has a great view that is perfect for relaxing and enjoying life. Though the mansion is still only an idea we will see if this becomes a reality in the future.

Lionel Messi revealed house search difficulty

Messi is happy at Inter Miami, and though the player does have various properties there, he is still looking for a place to stay permanently. He faced similar problems at PSG but the house search is not nearly as stressful this time. Lionel Messi was spotted with his wife Antonella Roccuzzo and son Thiago checking out houses in Boca Raton.

In a recent interview, he confessed to having difficulties finding the perfect home for himself and his family. Though he admitted that settling in Miami is far easier than in Paris, the footballer is still on a house hunt. “We still don’t have the house where we are going to live for the whole stay…the kids will start school soon too… it was a lot easier than we initially thought coming to live in Miami. We moved from Barca to Paris, and it wasn’t so easy,” said Messi.

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