Days after making amends with Kevin Hart, Will Smith lends helping hand to Damian Lillard in $3 billion relocation

In an unexpected turn of events, Hollywood icon Will Smith has once again shown his altruistic side, this time assisting NBA player Damian Lillard in a massive $3 billion relocation deal. This follows Smith’s public reconciliation with comedian Kevin Hart, demonstrating his influence in both the entertainment and sports realms.

The terms of the relocation agreement are unknown, but sources say Smith’s involvement would not only help Lillard move to a new team but could also potentially disrupt the NBA landscape. With Smith’s enormous popularity and Lillard’s excellent basketball ability, this relationship has piqued the interest of fans and experts alike, with many predicting the revolutionary influence it may have on the 32 years old’s career and the league as a whole.

Damian Lillard reaches out to Will Smith for offseason assist

Damian Lillard, the star pg for the Portland Trail Blazers, recently caught the attention of NBA fans and analysts when he posted an Instagram Live video with the song “Miami” playing in the background. Speculation immediately arose that Lillard might be hinting at a desire to join the Miami Heat during the offseason. 

The reference to Miami holds significance due to a similar move made by former Miami Heat player Hassan Whiteside in 2016 when he used the same song to announce his re-signing with the team. This connection further fueled speculation among fans about Dame D.O.L.L.A.’s intentions.

Big Game Dame’s strong performance during the 2022-23 NBA season fueled trade speculation. According to reports, Lillard wants his team to prioritize obtaining senior quality over developing young players.

Trail Blazers GM Joe Cronin has cleared his stance to see Lillard retire with the franchise; but, recent reports indicate that the Blazers would be willing to consider a trade if Lillard requested one. This has prompted fans and analysts to closely monitor any potential contacts between Lillard and powerful figures such as Will Smith, as they speculate about the 32-year-old’s future and prospective destinations, with Miami being one of the leading candidates.

Blazers PG went viral with ominous social media session

Scoot Henderson was selected with the No. 3 overall pick by the Portland Trail Blazers in the 2023 NBA Draft. As the Blazers appear to be going towards a youth movement, there is speculation that Lillard, who wants to compete and win, may consider asking for a trade. The Miami Heat, a franchise known for pursuing top players, has been linked to Lillard. Interestingly, during an Instagram Live session, Lillard unintentionally fueled the rumors by playing Will Smith’s “Miami” in the background.

Aaron Goodwin, Dame’s agent, confirmed that the song choice was completely coincidental and not a planned statement. Lillard, according to Goodwin, is not one to provoke or be disrespectful, making it unlikely that he would purposefully hint at a desire to join the Heat. Instead, it was a happy accident that a DJ occurred to play that song while Lillard was at a club in Paris, where he is presently staying.

This surprise social media event adds another layer of interest to the 32-year-old’s summer, which has been packed with twists and turns surrounding his future. The Miami Heat rumors regarding Lillard’s prospective relocation remain an intriguing subplot in the ongoing NBA offseason narrative, with fans and pundits eagerly awaiting additional developments.


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