Former UFC star Rachael Ostovich once allegedly jumped off a balcony to escape husband’s abuse

Rachael Ostovich gained notoriety a few years ago when she claimed that her husband, Arnold Berdon, had physically hurt her. The ex-UFC fighter has admitted that she once supposedly leaped off a balcony to escape her abusive husband.

Throughout her career, Ostovich has encountered numerous issues. The most significant incident was when her spouse physically abused her. Her then-husband Arnold Berdon was involved in domestic violence that generated a buzz in the MMA community. 

Rachael Ostovich once allegedly escaped husband’s beating by jumping off balcony

While talking about the details of the violence, Ostovich shared some specific incidents involving her husband, who is also a  former professional mixed martial artist.

After a night out with the family, Arnold, who was a flyweight division fighter, punched Ostovich repeatedly on the head, face, and ribs, making her fall to the ground.

“I gasped for breath and escaped through my sister’s balcony. I coughed up blood, threw up several times and had a cracked orbital.” Ostovich said. 

Concerning the Rachael-related domestic violence incident, Berdon was charged for four years in 2019. Robert Rawson, the prosecutor, also shared instances of abuse. 

“This wasn’t a single act, it wasn’t a single punch. This was a sustained brutal assault… For nearly 10 minutes, the defendant assaulted the victim while she begged for him to stop.” Rawson said. 

Ex-UFC star Rachael Ostovich announces exciting OF modeling venture

Rachel recently made headlines when she posted a selfie on Instagram of herself wearing a bathing suit. The black belt holder in Judo last competed in MMA almost two years ago. 

Ostovich, who already has a massive social media following, has plans to launch a completely new premium subscription website. Lately, the Hawaiian stated that she has signed up for OnlyFans.

“Hey guys it’s your girl Rachael Ostovich and yes I did it, I made an OnlyFans so if you want to see some exclusive content or behind the scenes then subscribe to Rachael Ostovich on OnlyFans. Aloha” Rachael said.

Do you Ostovich will be back in the MMA in the future? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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