Days after racism row, $12,486,696 tennis pro Nick Kyrgios incites further criticism with gold-digging social media post

Andrea Gaudenzi has been re-elected as the ATP Chairman for the 2023-2026 term. He has been known to make radical changes aimed at the growth of the sport itself. Now, he has come out with more exciting proposals for the tennis world. The most questionable of these seems to have excited the Box Office, Nick Kyrgios the most. 

As soon as the news of potential investors came out, the controversial tennis pro Nick Kyrgios replies with an itching tweet. Without any consideration of who the investors are and what this investment might mean, his response is pure excitement for what he was going to get paid.

Nick Kyrgios welcomes speculated Saudi Arabia investment in tennis

It has been reported that Andre had ‘positive discussion’ with regard to several potential investors. The Saudi PIF seems to be a top consideration after his condition to, “stick to respecting the history of the sport and the product, working with the current stakeholder rather than against.”

To back this decision up, Craig Tiley, the Australian Open chief claims that, “What’s different to what we’re seeing (in other sports) is this is an investment in the current structure of the game and not an investment in an alternative option,”. He affirms to the world of tennis that this investment from the Saudi PIF is  “ultimately, that’s a decision for the men’s and the women’s tour.”

Regardless of the criticism against this potential investment from the Saudi investment fund, Nick Kyrgios strongly expresses his excitement to finally get paid what he ‘deserves’. The Box Office tweets in response to this news saying ‘FINALLY. THEY SEE THE VALUE’. He has welcomed his investment plan with his arms wide open.

Stefanos Tsitsipas’ comments featuring Kyrgios sparked racism controversy

It was just a couple of days ago when the whole fiasco with Tsitsipas having made ‘racist’ comments against Kyrgios had surfaced. The hate on the Greek pro started due to statements he made last year. 

The BreakPoint is a Netflix Special documentary that has been receiving very mixed reviews from tennis fans. With the second batch of episodes that dropped last week, drama sparked again for Greek. Stephanos had called out Kyrgios’ “NBA attitude” and “uneducated approach to tennis” in the episode. These comments that claimed Kyrgios to not be a great fit to the ‘gentleman sport’ community, stirred several misinterpretations leading to a lot of hate against Stephanos Tsitsipas. 

Nick Kyrgios fires back at Stefanos Tsitsipas over new dig on Wimbledon match - 'He hit someone in the crowd' - Eurosport

However, quickly after he had understood that he was completely misunderstood he shared a post on Facebook apologizing for his actions and vowing to be more careful with his words. The Aussie also acknowledged this on twitter and affirmed to the public that they were ‘all good’.

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