Days after revealing strict NFL diet, Tom Brady parties with Kim Kardashian, Jay Z at $11.5 billion Michael Rubin’s 4th July bash

Tom Brady, the legendary NFL quarterback, made headlines recently for his strict dietary choices aimed at maintaining peak performance even in retirement. However, the football star’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle didn’t stop him from enjoying himself at billionaire Michael Rubin’s extravagant Fourth of July party in the Hamptons. 

Among the guests in the party was Kim Kardashian. She drowned 11 shots at the party. Both Brady and Kim were seen together which has sparked a lot of dating rumours. 

Tom Brady spotted with Kim Kardashian amid dating rumours

Tom Brady

The Fourth of July bash hosted by Michael Rubin provided a perfect setting for celebrities to unwind and enjoy the festivities. Amidst the revelry, Kim Kardashian was caught mingling with Tom Brady, sparking rumors of a potential romance. 

According to insiders, ‘Kim and Tom were super flirty with each other at Rubin’s party and were seen during the day on the beach together and again dancing at night.’

Brady’s previous marriage to supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Kim’s interest in purchasing a holiday home near Tom’s Bahamas residence only fueled speculations. However, Brady’s team has maintained that they are “just friends” and denied any romantic involvement.

Brady recently revealed his healthy food choices

 Tom Brady

Brady recently shared that he is determined to have an active lifestyle which motivates him to maintain a similar diet even in retirement. 

Brady also shared that during his NFL career, he has developed many good habits that he is not ready to abandon yet.

“I’ve developed so many healthy habits, I just want to stick with them.”

Throughout his NFL career, he has prioritized his lifestyle and body. By not leaving his healthy habits and sticking to his diet, the former NFL quarterback wants to remain active even after retirement. 

Brady’s dietary preferences have garnered attention due to their exclusions. He avoids certain food groups like white sugar, dairy, white flour, iodized salt, and caffeine. Additionally, he famously steers clear of nightshade vegetables and strawberries. These choices align with his belief that reducing inflammation in the body can contribute to better overall health and athletic performance. 

Attending lavish parties and enjoying social gatherings doesn’t mean compromising one’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Tom Brady’s presence at Michael Rubin’s event demonstrates that individuals can strike a balance between maintaining their health and indulging in occasional festivities. While the public may have speculated about his dietary choices at the party, it’s important to remember that everyone deserves moments of relaxation and enjoyment, even elite athletes.

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