Days after setting Guinness world record for coaching acumen, Deion Sanders reveals his brutal ways in Colorado practices

Deion Sanders is one of the best coaches in the collegiate football circuit right now and is known for caring about his athletes. He has shown incredible transformation in the performance of his Colorado team. While Sanders is famous for his great coaching skills, he has recently shared a different aspect of his coaching style that has amazed everyone. 

Unlike other coaches in the college football circuit, Sanders has a very different perspective on fight breakouts during practices.

Deion Sanders loves it when fight breaks out in Colorado practices

Deion Sanders has a unique perspective on in-team fights, openly admitting he enjoys them during practices. Sanders recently talked about fights during training, and he expressed contentment with the recent practices, citing the presence of a couple of fights as a positive aspect that demonstrates dedication and focus among the players.

“We’ve had a great week of practice. We had a couple of fights, which I like,” Sanders said. “It’s a great thing. I always want to know who won because I keep records. I don’t break them up. Some coaches break them up. I don’t.”

Deion Sanders
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Although unconventional, Deion Sanders is unapologetic about his approach and seems satisfied with its outcomes. He hopes the aggression and dedication seen in practice will translate into positive outcomes during games.

“Some guys fight hoping for the break up. No, we’re going to let you go. I love it. They’ve been getting after it. It’s almost like a rededication. It’s almost like a refocus. I love where we are. We’ve had great practices this week, offense, defense, as well as special teams.”

Back in August, when a fight broke out between the players he expected all of them to engage in the fight and even scolded those who walked away, stating, “If one fights, we all fight.” 

Sanders doesn’t break up fights but rather keeps records and shows interest in the outcomes, viewing it as a sign of dedication and focus. 

Considering the team’s 4-5 record and the need to win at least two of the last three games to become bowl-eligible, it seems like Deion Sanders’ approach is working pretty well.

Coach Prime sets Guinness world record

Coach Prime is also taking on many ventures other than coaching. He has recently announced a new collaboration with Erin Andrews to expand his $45,000,000 business. His next target was a Guinness World Record which he has recently made.

Deion Sanders, alongside CU and UCHealth, set a Guinness World Record for the largest American football lesson with over 280 participants, surpassing the previous record.

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The event involved football drills for kids aged 7 to 10 and featured Q&A sessions for parents, alongside some CU notables, taking place at the CU Indoor Practice Facility in Boulder.

While CU players were practicing nearby, they didn’t participate in the record-setting event, which occurred less than 24 hours after a game. 

After setting this prestigious record, Deion Sanders is focusing on the next game of his team against Arizona for Senior Day on Saturday. 

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