Wrestling fans laugh at Logan Paul’s WWE US Championship belt photos: “We’re going to have to burn that belt”

Following his victory against Rey Mysterio at WWE’s 2023 Crown Jewel event, Paul shared a slideshow of his new championship on Instagram. Despite his delight, numerous supporters have expressed their dismay with the indecent images taken with the trophy, which has sparked controversy.

The new US wrestling champion’s victory is a significant turning point in his career, and it is evident from the photographs that he is loving living the “champ life,” as the title belt is seldom far from his side.

WWE fans react to Logan Paul’s WWE US Championship belt photos

After beating Rey Mysterio at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, Logan Paul became the new United States Champion. With the help of some brass knuckles donated by a friend, Paul took advantage of Mysterio’s distraction and won.

Beyond his YouTube stardom, Paul has developed a thriving company with his Prime beverage brand, selling one billion bottles since its inception in early 2022. After just eight professional bouts, he defeated Rey Mysterio at Crown Jewel to win his first WWE United States Championship.

Paul went all out to celebrate his championship win by posting explicit images of himself with the trophy on social media. Some WWE fans thought Paul was being disrespectful by posing with the championship belt in the bathroom shower. The WWE Universe has voiced their displeasure, indicating that they believe the championship has been lowered as a result of such activities.

What is next for Logan Paul in WWE?

In April 2022, Paul debuted for the WWE at WrestleMania 38, where he and The Miz won the tournament. Despite the controversy surrounding his recent United States Championship victory at Crown Jewel, Paul has already shown remarkable in-ring talents in his brief wrestling career. He has thrived in several matches, creating viral moments with his athleticism, and he seems to enjoy playing the part of the villain.

Logan Paul
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With Paul’s move to the SmackDown brand, new prospective opponents for his championship have emerged. Santos Escobar may be motivated by vengeance, but he may be sidetracked by his problems with Rey Mysterio. WWE may want to prevent heel-versus-heel situations, despite the potential excitement of pairing villains like Austin Theory or Grayson Waller against each other. Faces AJ Styles and Sheamus have been out for a while and might make an impact, but their returns are still up in the air.

Who do you think Triple H will schedule as the next opponent for the United States title against Logan Paul? Share your opinions in the comment section.


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