Logan Paul and KSI announce 24K solid gold Prime bottle contest worth $1,000,000 to mark their billionth bottle sale

Prime, the famous drink company started by Logan Paul and KSI, has done a great job selling itself. It made an amazing $250 million in-store sales in its first year. In 2023, they are now enjoying an important anniversary. Prime is almost at its one billionth bottle selling mark. In honor of this event, co-founders Logan Paul and KSI are giving away two solid 24K gold bottles as a one-of-a-kind gift.

Fans may enter Prime’s sweepstakes for a chance to win one of these rare bottles. The competition will be held simultaneously in both London and New York as per the video they just released.

Logan Paul and KSI announce 24K solid gold Prime bottle contest

Prime, a beverage co-created by fitness stars Logan Paul and KSI in 2022, has received backlash for its contents and hydration promises. Despite this, it was a smashing success from the moment it touched shelves, selling out in several locations. Prime Hydration has shaken up the industry with its partnerships with well-known sportsmen, unique taste profiles, and savvy advertising.

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KSI and Logan Paul are holding a competition as they near their goal of selling a billion bottles in under two years. They concealed two $500,000 Prime bottles, each made of solid 24k gold, in different cities: New York and London. These aren’t just for show; Prime subscribers who can decipher a secret six-digit code in two days will get one.

PRIME’s social media channels broadcasted the contest video to its millions of followers. There is a one-in-720 probability that a participant will correctly predict a six-digit number given just one attempt.

How to win the 24K solid gold Prime bottle contest?

The enthusiasm for the gold prize is over the sky due to the enormous popularity of both online personalities and PRIME as a beverage business. However, there is always the risk of chaos at creator-led events, as witnessed at the Kai Cenat and AMP giveaway in New York earlier this year. Hence, KSI urged his audience to exercise caution.

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This award is not open to the general public; just two people will walk away with it. In their video, Logan and KSI detailed the steps required to play the game. On November 10, residents of the United Kingdom and the United States will have the opportunity to win a free heavy gold bottle. The catch is that the golden Prime will be locked up in a glass safe and accessible only by a six-digit code that fans must guess. 

You have 20 seconds to make a guess, and you can only make one. Within 48 hours, the gold Prime bottle will be destroyed by the torches contained inside the case if the right code is not guessed.

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