Logan Paul suggests intriguing proposal to make 6th richest British star KSI and Jake Paul friends

It’s not uncommon to see public feuds, heated rivalries, and online drama in the world of combat sports. Two such names that have frequently made headlines for their fierce rivalry are KSI and Jake Paul.

KSI the British YouTuber, rapper, and boxer, rose to fame through gaming content on YouTube. On the other side of the ring, Jake Paul is known for his controversial stunts and wild antics. The rivalry between these two stars escalated when they engaged in a pair of highly publicized boxing matches in 2018 and 2019, with JJ ultimately winning the rematch. It seems Logan Paul is looking to play mediator between KSI and JP in a masterplan.

Logan Paul’s masterplan to make KSI and Jake Paul friends

KSI’s recent foray back into the world of combat sports has ignited a blaze of excitement and anticipation, and at the center of it all, there’s one colossal matchup that dominates everyone’s thoughts: the long-anticipated showdown with Jake Paul. Adding fuel to the fire, Jake Paul recently took a jab at him, playfully dubbing him the “sorest loser in the world” following his bout with Tommy Fury.

This escalating rivalry has only heightened the intrigue surrounding the potential clash, and KSI is well aware of the substantial stakes, even referencing it in a recent appearance on Logan Paul’s podcast, Impaulsive.

While the world eagerly anticipates a showdown between KSI and Jake Paul, there’s one individual who secretly hopes it never materializes: Logan Paul. Despite the potential challenges, there remains a genuine possibility that KSI and Jake Paul could reconcile their differences inside the boxing ring, much like Logan Paul and JJ did.

In an interesting twist of fate, despite their past rivalry, Logan and KSI eventually buried the hatchet and even ventured into a business partnership by launching Prime Energy Drink.

Logan humorously quipped on the podcast, “There’s one way the beef can be solved. Unfortunately, it’s through a fight that will end in a tie, and then another fight where one of them loses by one point, and then they start a drink company.” This lighthearted comment hints at how the two YouTubers transitioned from being foes to friends, highlighting the possibility of a similar transformation for the two.

KSI named the 6th British star under 30

KSI, the British YouTuber, musician, and boxer, recently secured the 6th spot among British stars under 30, boasting a substantial £36.1 million net worth. While he doesn’t claim the top spot, he rubs shoulders with celebrated names like Dua Lipa and Zayn Malik, both successful musicians. British sensation Harry Styles leads the pack with an impressive £175 million net worth.

Notably, KSI outranks well-known figures like Millie Bobby Brown, famed for her role in “Stranger Things,” and Tom Holland, beloved for portraying Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

JJ’s remarkable evolution from a gaming YouTuber to a versatile entertainer highlights his adaptability and talent. His achievements as a content creator, musician, and boxer have been key drivers behind his substantial net worth. Notably, Forbes recognized his prominence by ranking him at the No. 2 spot on their 2023 Top Creators List.

As he continues to broaden his career horizons, his influence in the entertainment industry is ascending, positioning him as a star to keep a close eye on in the years ahead. His entrepreneurial spirit and diverse talents set the stage for continued success and innovation.

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