Jake Paul brutally criticizes KSI for his post-Tommy Fury outburst, expressing desire to settle the score through combat

Jake Paul and KSI have a history of disputes with each other, which dates back to 2018 when KSI fought Jake’s elder brother Logan Paul. KSI fought Tommy Fury on October 14 and lost via a now-corrected unanimous decision. KSI has not taken the outcome of the fight positively and is raging by the result.

In an interview with Arial Helwani and Chris Eubank Jr., KSI expressed his disappointment and frustration and Jake Paul grabbed the opportunity to criticize the British rapper and boxer.

Jake Paul brutally criticizes KSI for his post-Tommy Fury outburst

Jake Paul was ringside in Manchester as he watched fellow social media star and rival KSI lose a six-round fight via a unanimous decision to Tommy Fury. KSI was furious in defeat, vowing to Fury and his handlers that he planned to appeal the verdict. KSI said to Fury in the post-fight interview that the fight was a robbery and continued to say that Tommy barely landed any punches.

After the fight in an interview with Arial Helwani and Chris Eubank Jr., KSI vented his frustration by kicking at a screen nearby and calling the fight “robbery.”. ‘The problem child’ was unimpressed by this behavior by KSI and went on to bash the British rapper and boxer.

Jake Paul criticized KSI by saying that KSI is 30 years old and still cannot take a defeat. Paul continued to call KSI’s actions childish and immature. Despite the criticism, Jake also praised KSI’s performance in the first round and said that ‘The Nightmare’ was good in the first round.

Jake Paul wants to finally settle the score with KSI

The feud between KSI and Jake Paul has been going on for over 5 years now, the two have called out each other on multiple occasions but somehow when it actually comes to fighting one another, both men have backed out.

The influencer boxing fans might be in for a treat as Jake Paul has once again expressed his desire to fight KSI but the real question is, will the fight turn into anything concrete?

Jake Paul displayed his willingness to fight KSI by saying that he would like to decapitate the Briton. However, the credibility of these words by Paul is very little as Jake himself reportedly backed out of a fight against KSI earlier this year.

What do you make up from this chaotic situation surrounding KSI and Jake Paul? Will these 2 influencer boxers ever agree on a bout? Tell us in the comments.


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