“My boy will kill him”: Ex-NFL WR Antonio Brown threatens to ‘shoot’ Logan Paul for making diss track against him

Logan Paul finds himself entangled in problems once again. Several years ago, he famously dissed former NFL star Antonio Brown, going to the extent of creating a diss track targeting the former football player. Little did he know that this action would come back to haunt him years later.

Antonio Brown has now issued threats against Logan Paul. As of now, Paul has not responded to these threats, leaving many curious to see how he will react. It’s worth noting that the initial diss towards Antonio Brown stemmed from the potential for a fight between the two.

Antonio Brown threatens Logan Paul

Former NFL star Antonio Brown has issued a strong warning to popular YouTuber Logan Paul, reviving an old feud. The feud between the two started a while back when they discussed the possibility of a boxing match, but those talks led to nothing concrete. Brown’s recent threat is a direct response to Logan’s unkind comments about him, setting the stage for a potential showdown.

Antonio Brown, renowned for his exceptional football skills, has remained in the public eye even after departing from the NFL. Meanwhile, Logan Paul, famous for his YouTube content, has ventured into high-profile boxing matches. However, in the past, Paul did not view Brown as a worthy opponent.

With the recent back-and-forth on social media, the rivalry between Antonio Brown and Logan Paul has come back to life. Whether it leads to a real boxing match remains to be seen, but it’s clear that things have gotten serious.

Fans from the sports and entertainment worlds are paying close attention to see if this feud ends up in a big showdown. Antonio Brown and Logan Paul have thrown down the challenge, and fans are all waiting to see how this story unfolds.

Logan Paul once dissed Antonio Brown to promote their fight

Logan Paul, the famous YouTuber, did something pretty out of the ordinary to build up excitement for his upcoming boxing match with NFL star Antonio Brown. He dropped a diss track on his YouTube channel, and it sure got people talking.

For Logan Paul, it was a unique way to create a buzz about his fight with Antonio Brown. In the diss track, he used strong words to challenge Brown’s skills and personality. This unexpected move added a new level of rivalry to what started as a friendly matchup.

It’s interesting to note that before the diss track, Logan and Antonio seemed to be on good terms. Their fight was more like a friendly challenge than a heated competition. But the diss track changed the game, giving their upcoming fight a lot more intensity and making people really curious.

The diss track might have surprised many, but it undeniably succeeded in generating excitement around the potential Logan Paul vs. Antonio Brown boxing match. Whether it was all in good fun or a strategy to provoke a reaction from Brown, Logan Paul’s creative approach illustrates that in the realm of sports and entertainment, there are no boundaries to how one can capture people’s attention.

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