Eddie Hearn calls Artur Beterbiev ‘arrogant’ ahead of the undisputed Dmitry Bivol clash

As if having a 20-0 record, 20 knockouts, and three light-heavyweight titles weren’t impressive enough, Artur Beterbiev on Monday seemingly set out to break the record for the fewest words spoken at a news conference by a prominent boxer.

However, in a boxing contest, there are additional factors to consider beyond the actual fighting. One crucial aspect is the buildup to the fight, which, unfortunately, Artur Beterbiev neglected during the London Press Conference.

Eddie Hearn, the promoter of Dmitry Bivol, expressed his frustration with Artur in an interview with Boxing Social, Eddie said, “We’re trying to get stuff out of you to build the fight and I said to Dmitry before, smash him up.”

Hearn went on to call Artur Beterbiev “arrogant” later on, saying, “I don’t really like him, to be honest. I think he’s arrogant. Rightfully so, because he’s incredibly dangerous. But we’re here to talk about the fight, I said Dmitry Bivol after the face-off, ‘Let’s f*** him up, take him to school.'”

Whether or not Beterbiev will use his words to intensify the buildup for the fight, the boxing world is super excited to see these two light-heavyweights clash inside the ring in June. Despite his relative silence during the London conference, Artur managed to captivate everyone’s attention with a peculiar message sent to Bivol, leaving everyone in a state of confusion.

Artur Beterbiev sends cryptic message to Dmitry Bivol

When Artur was asked whether he had any message for Dmitry at the London press conference, Beterbiev responded with a stern message.

“He knows already,” he replied.

Dmitry Bivol later chuckled at Artur’s message during the press conference, saying, “I don’t know already.”

It is possible that this short response and quiet press conference occurred due to the fact that both Artur and Bivol are Russian and may not be fluent in English. Perhaps the lack of communication is preventing them from expressing their frustrations, which is why one fan suggested, “They need some Russian trash talking with someone translating.”

Regardless of their behavior at the press conference, whether they choose to remain silent or engage in mind games with brief responses, anticipation is high for the upcoming clash between these two light-heavyweights.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the spectacle of their fierce exchanges, where punches will do the talking instead of words. Who do you think will win between the two?

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