After Logan Paul brutally slams Dillon on WWE, Danis claims his Nina Agdal postings were for fun and to promote his boxing bout

As Logan Paul and Dillon Danis neared their long-anticipated fight, a legal clash erupted between Danis and Logan’s fiancée, Nina Agdal. After Danis publicly shamed Nina on social media, she took legal action, including filing a lawsuit and requesting a restraining order. When his opponent tried to smear his fiancée’s name, Logan Paul sprang to her defense.

LP won their boxing battle, which attracted international attention owing to the issues surrounding Dillon, Logan, and Nina. Dillon Danis said that all of his negative comments against Nina Agdal on social media were just jokes and that he was only playing the “bad guy” to promote their boxing fight.

Dillon Danis claims his Nina Agdal posts were for jokes

Agdal sued Danis for $150,000 after he posted private images of her online. During the confrontation, Logan Paul jumped in defense of his fiancée, alleging Danis confessed to committing a federal felony and hinting at more proof.

After being sued, Danis became disheartened and disinterested in continuing the battle. People flocked to his gym and house because of his court absence, but the long-awaited battle went on, and Logan Paul came out on victory.

Now before facing legal court action, Danis said he has evidence insinuating his online activity promoted their boxing fight at the international level.

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Danis claimed in court papers that he just intended comedy and to get people talking about their October 14 event. He insists there was no genuine animosity between him and Logan and explains that their rivalry was staged. Danis denies Agdal’s allegations of defamation and damage, saying that erotic photos of her were already accessible online.

Logan Paul brutally slams Dillon Danis on WWE

Logan Paul came back on WWE Raw and bragged about getting Dillon Danis fired after beating him in boxing. In his speech in the ring, Logan talked about his win and how it triggered into a series of events that saw Danis being released from Bellator. Logan showed up on WWE RAW, and he also talked about his plans for the future in wrestling.

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Logan made fun of his opponent, Dillon Danis, without calling him out by name. He proudly said that his opponent was fired from his job because of his win. WWE has not yet said if they will ask Dillon Danis to respond. Logan Paul didn’t say anything about Danis or Bellator when he spoke. The fact that WWE is linked to UFC makes this interesting.

Logan Paul said on the mic, “Embarrassed himself so badly that he got dropped by his fight league [Bellator]. Dropped. So that means not only did I make him lose the fight, I made him lose his job…Unemployed…Unhappy…Unfulfilled…Sucks to be that guy.”

What do you think about Dillion Danis’ claim that all those posts were staged? Do you think that this kind of explanation will help him protect himself? Drop your ideas in the comments below.

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