Days after taunting Ricochet’s girlfriend, Logan Paul faces X-rated social media attack from rival Dillion Danis involving fiance Nina Agdal

Logan Paul is fresh off with a victory over Ricochet, who he had been feuding for sometime. After defeating The One and Only, he proceeded to taunt Ricochet’s real-life fiancé and RAW ring announcer, Samantha Irvin. Well a few days after humiliating the couple, Paul got humbled on social media by his rival Dillion Danis.

Dillion Danis is set to make a comeback in combat sports with his boxing match against Logan Paul on 14th October. The two are supposed to face off at the Misfits X DAZN: The Prime Card event in Manchester, England. However, Danis didn’t wait till October to fire some shots against The Maverick. Yesterday, he tweeted out some old pictures of Paul’s fiancé, Nina Agdal. These pictures showed Agdal with some of her old lovers, especially the Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Logan Paul rival Dillion Danis goes on X-rated post spree involving Nina Agdal

Logan Paul surprised his fans when he proposed to his girlfriend Nina Agdal after dating for about a year. Agdal is a swimsuit model who had past relationships with celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio back in 2016. She also once dated Maroon 5 Lead Singer Adam Levine in the past.

On the other hand, Dillion Danis is infamous for being a troll on Twitter and calling out athletes. He once was a promising MMA athlete and even used his connection to Connor McGregor to gain some traction in the MMA industry.

As of now, he is trying to antagonize his upcoming opponent, Logan Paul by sharing pictures of his fiancé with her past lovers. This move did not sit well with fans, who thought of Danis’ actions as distasteful. Some even commented that he was playing with fire since his fight with Paul isn’t a MMA match and that, Paul could very well knock him out.

Obviously, this act by Danis is just to get in Paul’s head ahead of their match, unless he pulls out of the match like he did with YouTuber KSI, who he was once supposed to fight.

Paul taunted Ricochet’s girlfriend in SummerSlam match buildup

Logan Paul had been feuding with Ricochet for quite some time. They even came to blows once backstage, after their match at Money In The Bank. Since then, The Maverick has had some heated exchanges with The One and Only, ahead of their fight. Paul once got personal with him and said that he would make Ricochet’s real-life girlfriend, Samantha Irvin, declare him as the winner once he beats Ricochet at SummerSlam. And he actually made it come true.

Paul defeated Ricochet in their singles bout at SummerSlam this Saturday. He then kept his promise and made the ring announcer, Samantha Irvin declare him as the winner of their match. He also proceeded to rub the fact that he beat her boyfriend in Irvin’s face. This cemented Paul as an irredeemable heel in the eyes of fans, but then again, it’s what Logan Paul excels at. 

In the end, Paul does have some amount of respect for Ricochet as a performer, as he praised his opponent after their match on Impaulsive. The two always put on a great performance whenever they cross paths. We hope to see them face off against each other again.


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