Logan Paul dupes ref to finish Ricochet with illegal “brass knuckles” KO at WWE SummerSlam

Logan Paul and Ricochet have established themselves as the most promising rising stars in the pro wrestling industry. Their high-flying abilities and in-ring presence have always been applauded by the fans.

At WWE Royal Rumble, Paul and Ricochet started their rivalry by taking themselves out of the ring. This made many fans wonder what would happen if they ever fought in a singles match in the ring. The battle finally happened at this SummerSlam, but fans are not satisfied with the way it ended.

Logan Paul uses brass knuckles to finish Ricochet

In the past few years, Logan Paul has made a name for himself in the WWE with a number of big moments. On this Saturday night at WWE SummerSlam 2023, Logan added another moment to his list, though this one is earned in an unfair way.

Logan Paul

At the beginning of the match, Logan Paul had the upper hand. He drove Ricochet’s neck into the ring apron for a neck breaker. Both athletes started to do their hovering moves. During the match, Logan Paul aka Maverick mocked WWE legend Hulk Hogan by delivering his signature leg drop on Ricochet.

Ricochet countered that with a moonsault, which had The Rock’s vibe all over the ring. They even performed a Spanish Fly to the outside of the ring. The most thrilling part of the match was when Maverick countered Ricochet on the ropes. Paul executed an excellent “Hurricane DDT” pushing the crowd to jump from their seats in excitement. Logan Paul threw several punches but wasn’t able to make Ricochet back down.

During the climax of the fight, Ricochet even attempted Frog Splash. But Logan Paul was lucky enough to dodge Ricochet’s 450 Splash twice. Then a mysterious guy from the outside of the ring handed Logan Paul a brass knuckle. The influencer then punched Ricochet’s mouth with those knuckles to obtain the pinfall.

After achieving victory, Paul even mocked Samantha Irvin who is the fiance of Ricochet. He also asked her to announce him as the winner in front of her would-be husband.

Fan’s reaction to Logan Paul’s illegal brass Knuckles KO

Logan Paul and Ricochet put up a brilliant fight in the ring with a lot of daring moves at SummerSlam 2023 that entertained the audience. Logan Paul seemed to have used brass knuckles in order to win.

A fan tweeted a video of where a man seemed to be putting on brass knuckles on the right hand of Paul with the caption, “Well I’d win too if I had brass knuckles.” Another fan tweeted “Of course Logan Paul cheats to win. You can’t have that great fight end that way.”

Many other fans have also shown their dissatisfaction with the unfair move that Maverick has pulled against Ricochet. Many fans said that Logan did this only to attend his brother  Jake Paul’s fight against Nate Diaz in Dallas.

Do you think Ricochet will attempt an act of revenge on Logan Paul for using unfair means to win the match? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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