Jimmy Uso backstabs brother Jey Uso to help Roman Reigns win ‘tribal combat’ matchup at WWE SummerSlam

The Bloodline story has been a very interesting arc in recent times of WWE. It was an outstanding tag team consisting of Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn, and Solo Sikoa. But due to some ‘long-time coming’ conflicts between the members of the tag team, the faction has pretty much broken into pieces.

The conflict got bigger when Jimmy Uso got injured by Reigns. After that Jey Uso challenged the Tribal Chief to a title match. The match was held at SummerSlam 2023. But something unexpected happened in the match which got fans at the arena shocked.

Jimmy Uso betrays Jey Uso

Roman Reigns, aka The Tribal Chief, has retained his titles by defeating Jey Uso in the main event at SummerSlam 2023. The match starts with a good flow. Challenger Jey Uso appeared to have the upper hand in that crucial fight. He was very close to ending the reign of The Tribal Chief, until he got betrayed by his own brother, Jimmy Uso.

Jimmy Uso

Roman Reigns’ victory seemed inevitable, but Jimmy betraying his twin brother wasn’t imaginable either. Fans were left in shock when Jimmy opened his mask after pulling Jey out of the ring. The seeds of betrayal have been planted almost every week by Paul Heyman’s trash talk and blaming Jey Uso for Jimmy Uso’s injury sure seems fruitful right now.

The intention of Jimmy from a storytelling perspective might not be that complex. He might be just jealous of his brother over the title match that he could have had in his bucket.

Roman Reigns defends undisputed WWE titles in Tribal Combat matchup

Jey Uso suffered a huge blow at SummerSlam on Saturday night. Jey Uso would have won the undisputed “WWE universal championship” and status as “Tribal Chief” if his twin brother Jimmy Uso didn’t deliver a treacherous blow.

The Tribal Chief’s history-making reign as universal champion is due to the support of “The Bloodline”. SummerSlam 22023 was no different. Solo Sikoa emerged from the audience and greeted Jey Uso with a Samoan Spike through a table. Reigns inadvertently nailed Sikoa to the ground with a spear. It got The Tribal Chief nervous and that break in focus gave Uso crucial time to hit the champion with a spear.

After that, the fight was again taken to the ring where Jey Uso was brutally beaten by Solo and Reigns. But when Jey saw a thick chance he grabbed a chair and started hitting both superstars. Jey Uso was nearly overcoming both Reigns and Sikoa. But Jimmy Uso interrupted Jey when he was going with the pin at Roman Reigns. Eventually, it helped Roman Reigns retain his titles that night.

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