Bloodline siblings drift further following Jimmy Uso costs Jey Uso US Championship match

The exhilarating realm of WWE SmackDown witnessed a gripping chapter in The Bloodline and its tumultuous saga, as sibling loyalty was put to the test, and Jey Uso’s pursuit of the United States Championship was derailed.

With a unique blend of combat sports prowess and the flair of quirky phrases, we dive into the thrilling events that unfolded in the squared circle.

Jey Uso gets a superkick from Jimmy costing the title match

In their relentless efforts to curry favor with Jey Uso, the power duo of Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns played their cards, setting the stage for a U.S. championship match for Jey against Austin Theory. Reigns, utilizing his clout, pulled strings to secure this opportunity on SmackDown.

However, as the tale unraveled, it became evident that Jimmy Uso’s actions did more harm than good. As the match between Jey Uso and Theory unfolded, the atmosphere crackled with anticipation. Momentum seemed to be on Jey Uso’s side, and victory was within his grasp.

Nevertheless, fate had other plans. An inadvertent superkick from Jimmy Uso found its mark on Jey, altering the course of the battle. While the referee lay incapacitated, Jey’s surefire victory slipped away, allowing Theory to seize the pinfall and retain his championship.

In a shocking turn of events, tensions escalated within The Bloodline as Pretty Deadly attacked Jey Uso. Jimmy Uso valiantly fought off the assailants, but Solo Sikoa made his presence felt, targeting Jimmy. As chaos ensued, Jimmy attempted a superkick, only for Jey to inadvertently bear the brunt of the blow. The anguish on Jey’s face was palpable, signifying the emotional strain tearing the brothers apart.

Jey is torn between brother and Bloodline

The aftermath saw Jimmy Uso’s attempts at consolation rebuffed by Jey, who walked away with a heavy heart. Even Paul Heyman’s soothing words failed to mend the rift. The episode concluded with Heyman, his smirk widening, contacting Reigns, suggesting that their plan was coming to fruition. The intricacies and political maneuvering presented on SmackDown bore resemblance to the captivating narratives of “Game of Thrones.”


Heyman assumed the role of a cunning manipulator, while Reigns employed championships and status to entice Jey Uso. Yet, the climax of the main event left some longing for a more inspired resolution.

Jimmy Uso’s inadvertent superkick felt lackluster as a driving force behind Jey’s potential abandonment of his twin brother. After all, in the realm of pro wrestling, accidental strikes among friends are commonplace. An unexpected twist would have been for Jey Uso to emerge victorious, elevating the U.S. championship and solidifying Reigns’ influence as a wielder of power.

As the dust settles, the fractures within The Bloodline deepen, and Jey Uso finds himself torn between loyalty to his brother and the path laid out by Heyman and Reigns. The stage is set for the next chapter in this captivating storyline, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the resolution of The Bloodline’s civil war in the mesmerizing world of WWE SmackDown.

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