Days after Jimmy Uso being sidelined, Jey Uso receives family support ahead of Roman Reigns SummerSlam clash

The ongoing Bloodline story in the WWE is red hot, and there’s no stopping it. From its rise to its fall, the Bloodline has dominated the WWE.  Every single segment of this storyline is a sight to behold. However, with ongoing betrayal, Roman Reigns got to have trust issues by now.

The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, is the leader of his stable. Till now, Sami Zayn and The Usos have walked out on Roman, and Solo is also showing signs of a potential betrayal. With that being said, Roman doesn’t have to worry much as another member of the Anoa’i family may come to the Bloodline’s aid.

Pro Wrestling debutant Zilla Fatu backs Jey Uso in Bloodline feud

Late WWE legend, The Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga’s son Zilla Fatu, has finally stepped into the world where his father gave his all. Zilla debuted on Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling and sure made an impact worldwide. There is no doubt that Triple H has his eyes on him, and he is bound to be a WWE superstar.


Roman Reigns


With Jey Uso challenging Roman Reigns for his title at WWE SummerSlam, it will mark the third time the cousins collide. Roman has defeated Jey in their prior matches. At Money in the Bank, Jey shocked the world when he pinned Roman clean for the first time in three and a half years. In their third bout, Jey might pull a major upset by doing the same.

Zilla appeared on Muscle Memory to discuss his debut and future matchups. Zilla has picked his side in this family drama and is rooting for Jey to win. With his training still going on, will Zilla debut at SummerSlam to help Jey? Solo appeared on the main roster way earlier than other wrestlers. It can be said that, after all, wrestling is in their blood.

WWE writes off Jimmy Uso in kayfabe injury indefinitely

Roman and Solo annihilated Jimmy Uso to write him off WWE programming in the buildup to Roman vs Jey III. There is no need to worry, as Jimmy is just selling his kayfabe injuries. The major question to ask now is, with Solo and Paul ready to play dirty on Roman’s side, how will Jey handle them?


Roman Reigns


If WWE wants, this is the right time to make Zilla’s debut. Zilla can be a part of this storyline and benefit from it like Solo while still training. The other option is for The Rock to make his much-awaited return and get involved in the family business. It will be interesting to witness what WWE has in store for the highly-anticipated match.


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