Jets QB Aaron Rodgers showcases exceptional arm strength in flawless 55-yard throws amid speedy recovery

The New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been recovering quickly from an Achilles injury, which initially sidelined him from football this season. Although he was traded to the Jets with high hopes, his injury became the biggest setback both for him and his team.

However, the QB has made it clear that he’s trying his best to return this season and he is constantly surprising the NFL world with his progress. Recent reports provide encouraging signs that his return is imminent.

Aaron Rodgers stuns with perfectly executed throws

Last month Aaron Rodgers surprised everyone with his entry in the MetLife Stadium just before the Jets game against the Eagles. The QB who had surgery just a few weeks before was seen without crutches and he was not even limping. 

Rodgers arrived at the stadium and threw passes to his teammates. Surprisingly, he executed three-step drops and threw 55+ yards showcasing his exceptional arm strength.

This was shocking to many fans but also gave them hope because, without the 4-time NFL MVP, it has been difficult for the Jets to make any difference this season. 

Rodgers had surgery on his Achilles tendon in Los Angeles, using a “speed bridge” technique, which is known for promoting quicker healing. He is also using blood flow restriction in his rehab to build muscle with low-load exercise.

Aaron Rodgers
Via FOX 5 New York

Typically, Achilles tendon healing takes about three-four months, but Rodgers aims to return in less than four months. Considering his presence in the stadium last month, it seems possible now.

Rodgers reportedly eyes return on December 28

According to recent reports, Aaron Rodgers will make a return on December 28, in a game against the Browns on Thursday. His return is highly anticipated and is expected to change the game for the Jets. 

The Jets are currently relying on Zach Wilson who has been trying his best to help the team. Since the last two games he has shown incredible performances and the Jets have also been winning back-to-back games. They also triumphed over one of the strongest teams, the Eagles. 

But recently they lost a game against the Chargers with a score of 27-6, and both their defense and offense struggled. Therefore, the addition of the star QB is important for the stability of the team’s performance. 

Aaron Rodgers
Via Times Now

The Jets had Zach Wilson last season, but their performance was below average. They don’t want to repeat the past and this was the main reason they signed Aaron Rodgers

While the team is adamant about giving Rodgers more time to heal and recover, the QB is persistent to play this season. Now that the expected date of Rodgers’ return seems viable, fans can look forward to watching the star QB back on the field.

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