Days after Stephen Curry’s IG post highlighting his ‘Life with Ish’, wife Ayesha Curry outrages fans with unfaithful gesture

The NBA’s most adored pair, Stephen and Ayesha Curry, are often praised for their close relationship in public and on social media. Even though they are considered as “couple goals,” Ayesha once had to deny untrue rumors that their marriage was open. Ayesha recently came under fire from Curry supporters after an old video of her praising a shirtless waiter on national television surfaced on social media.

Despite this occurrence, Stephen and his wife had just before published a beautiful Instagram post, offering followers a peek into their romantic relationship. After the Golden State Warriors were eliminated from the playoffs, Stephen concentrated on spending time with his family.

2 time MVP, Stephen Curry recently revealed post-season life with wife Ayesha on social media

Stephen Curry used Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes look at his contented and happy life with his fans. The Golden State Warriors basketball player showed the depth of his marriage in a series of tender photos with his wife Ayesha Curry. Stephen accompanied the pictures with the caption, “Life with my Ish lately…,” which made clear how close they were.

From a dramatic black-and-white portrait of a parents’ night out to a sunny afternoon spent playing golf with friends, the pictures portrayed both moments of rest and adventure. Ayesha’s commitment and effort were also recognized by Stephen, who understood their significance to his accomplishment. He cherishes and respects the work made by his wife, who manages their hectic home and her own job despite the fame of his NBA career.

Mrs. Curry’s reaction to exposed waiter generates fan uproar

Ayesha Curry Is Teaching Her 3 Kids to Be Kind to Others—and to Themselves

The year was 2021, and Ayesha Curry took part in a reality television segment called “It’s Boss Lady Week,” where she talked about various areas of her life. A waiter joined the stage at one specific scene, drawing huge applause from the audience.

When the video was resurfaced two years later, Ayesha playfully faked to take off her wedding band, which elicited conflicting emotions from viewers. Despite the event, Ayesha had earlier urged followers to honor their union and called the idea of an open relationship absurd.

The couple’s true relationship, as seen by their social media activities, is considerably different. I’d clip my acrylics off anytime to golf with you, my love,” Ayesha said in a recent Instagram post, expressing her readiness to give up her artificial nails in order to play golf with her spouse.

In spite of this, some fans criticized Ayesha for her prior behavior when the old video reappeared, and devoted Steph Curry followers empathized with the two-time MVP and urged others to support the Golden State Warriors player. The fans tok to twitter and said:

“Poor Steph, he never beating them allegations”

“Ayesha Curry SUCKS!”

“Steph the catch anyways lol”

“They’re in a open relationship.”

“Cuz a real nigga don’t care bout that ring”

“Please! He knows who he married. It’s a joke!”

Let us know in the comments your thoughts on Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s relationship and the recent controversies surrounding Ayesha. Do you believe their marriage is strong despite the rumors and criticism? Share your opinions below!


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