Warriors’ star Draymond Green throws brutal jab at haters over alleged Lakers support: “Some of you people are so pathetic”

The well-known Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green utilised his podcast, The Draymond Green Show, as a forum to refute the claim that he is a Lakers fan and to share his opinions on their elimination from the NBA Playoffs. The Denver Nuggets unexpectedly defeated the Lakers, his team’s ferocious rivals, in the Western Conference Finals.

Green took a time to respond to the accusations made against him because they made him laugh at the charges made about his loyalties. He found it amazing that some people thought he would be disappointed by the Lakers’ loss since he was a member of the Warriors. He made a sarcastic remark about how pitiful people are for allowing such thoughts to become ingrained in their heads.

Why NBA fans called Draymond Green a Lakers fan?

Green had previously expressed respect for the Lakers, especially LeBron James. But when they said he was secretly rooting for the Lakers, the supporters went too far. He thought their criticisms were baseless and went beyond teasing.

Green set the record straight by explaining his position. He made it clear that he was on vacation and watching the Lakers’ elimination while sipping a margarita made with Lobos tequila. He raised a toast to all the foolish followers who thought he was hurt or devastated by their loss and ridiculed the idea.

Draymond Green’s comment on haters

Green’s open reaction on his podcast demonstrated his capacity to dismiss unfounded accusations and keep a positive outlook. He didn’t care if his team lost to the Lakers in the playoffs; he was still taking his well-earned break.

As the NBA Playoffs went on, it was clear that Draymond Green was concentrating entirely on the Golden State Warriors, his own club. He focused his attention on his impending vacation and his ambitions to help his colleagues in their upcoming on-court endeavours rather than lamenting the Lakers’ tragedy.

On his podcast, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green responded to claims that he was furious about the Los Angeles Lakers’ defeat by the Denver Nuggets. He voiced his annoyance with individuals who assumed he would be let down given that he represents the Warriors:

“Some of you people are so pathetic, and like the beliefs you allow yourself to believe, and I can absolutely understand why life don’t be so great. Because of the beliefs you allow to enter your mind about someone else, really is a reflection of what you believe and think of yourself and how you operate and think.”

In response to assumptions that he wouldn’t record a podcast because he was upset about the Lakers’ defeat, he clarified that he was actually on vacation and sipping a margarita prepared with Lobos tequila. Green made a lighthearted toast to everyone who disagreed with him.

He did, however, emphasize his dedication to his work with the Warriors by saying that people were glad he had the weekend off because it was his first weekend without any obligations since September.


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