“Stop paying attention to that”: Mavs PG Kyrie Irving drops truth bomb on NBA free agent rumours

Kyrie Irving recently addressed his upcoming free agency and the trade rumours that were swirling around him on social media. Irving asked that people not bring up his name in trade talks, understanding the rumours around his future. Irving was searching for a new beginning following a contentious season with the Brooklyn Nets and his subsequent switch to the Dallas Mavericks.

Unfortunately, Irving and the Mavericks had problems, and their chances of making the playoffs rapidly diminished. Irving’s future with the team was cast in doubt as a result of this. Irving’s attendance at Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals between the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers, which generated online speculation about his alleged ties to the Lakers, added fuel to the fire.

However, Irving took to Instagram Live to address the situation and express his frustration with the constant speculation. In his message, he pleaded with fans to leave him out of the trade discussions and expressed his annoyance at people discussing his free agency plans:

“Stop mentioning me on Twitter. All y’all fan bases. It is still the…Conference Finals…Can you please leave me the f**k out of this…Y’all got people at my dinner table discussing what my free agency plans are I see all y’all mentions, I said it… I’m just excited as y’all are. But you gotta chill.”

Even though there have been a lot of rumours about Irving and the Lakers, it would need a lot of changes to the roster and substantial movements for it to happen. Fans, though, appear to be excited about Irving joining the Lakers. However, it is crucial to follow Irving’s request and refrain from making predictions about his future up until announcements are made.

Kyrie Irving’s Stats for Mavs this season

The Dallas Mavericks’ purchase of Kyrie Irving hasn’t produced the desired outcomes. The Mavericks had a solid record at the time of the deal, but they have subsequently fallen in the rankings. Uncertainty is increased by Irving’s upcoming free agency because the Mavericks might have dealt for a rental for half a season. Mark Cuban, the governor of the Mavericks, however, declared his wish to re-sign Irving because he thinks they have a strong chance of keeping him. Cuban’s confidence may have its roots in the ambiguity surrounding other clubs’ commitment to Irving given his contentious stay in Brooklyn.

Controversies surrounded Irving throughout his tenure in Brooklyn, including his views on COVID-19 immunisations and his posting of offensive information on social media. Irving has stayed out of trouble since joining the Mavericks, but he hasn’t yet consistently excelled on the court. Even though he has put up outstanding individual stats, the squad has not performed well as a whole. The Mavericks’ priority going into the summer is to strengthen their defence and surround Irving and Luka Doncic with rim protectors and adaptable wing defenders.

Kyrie Irving has averaged 27.0 points, 6.0 assists and 5.0 rebounds in 20 games for the Mavericks in his career. The Mavericks could need to rely on internal improvements to turn things around next season due to limited financial freedom and an owed draught selection. Irving’s future with the organisation is still in doubt as he is anticipated to look into his free agent possibilities. Although it is uncertain which team will give him with a lucrative contract, the Mavericks can offer him an extension. Ultimately, Irving’s free agency decision will shape his future in Dallas or elsewhere.

How will it affect the Mavs roster if Kyrie Irving leaves?

Despite his early on-court difficulties, Kyrie Irving has come to terms with the Dallas Mavericks and their long-term goals. He understands that adjusting to a new team takes time and sees the current campaign as a stage in his overall development.

The Mavericks would have liked to see better win-loss records, but Irving is concentrating on the future. He is at ease with the organization’s ambitions to restructure the roster around him and Luka Doncic in the upcoming summer since he is aware that winning championships don’t come overnight. Irving is still dedicated to the season and his teammates even though their future is currently somewhat out of their hands.

There seem to be no plans of Kyrie irving leaving the Mavericks but if he does leave then he shall leave a gap to be filled in the Mavericks roster. As the Mavericks would be missing a skilled Point guard who could assist Luka Doncic and the Mavericks in a big way. The Mavericks would need to sign someone who could replace Kyrie Irving which would be difficult as he is one of the best point guard’s in the league.


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