“She might turn up at my training centre”: Chelsea star Mason Mount stalked by Tiktoker Orla Melissa Sloan for months, Model gets bail before hearing in June

Chelsea star Mason Mount has been the victim of stalking by a woman named Orla Melissa Sloan for months and has now taken her to court.

The woman has also been accused of stalking his teammates at the time Billy Gilmour and Ben Chilwell. She has been told she could go to jail when the court delivers sentencing on June 20.

The Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard the case on Wednesday. There the woman Orla Melissa Sloan admitted to being guilty of stalking Mason and also his ex-teammate Billy Gilmour and Chelsea teammate Ben Chilwell.

She had apparently met the Blues star at a house party held by teammate Ben Chilwell back in November 2020. There it is said the pair had a one night stand.

What did the woman do to Mason Mount?

The prosecutor for the case Jason Seetal informed the court that she and Mount remained in touch for six months. However, Mount dissolved the relationship as he felt it was not progressing anywhere.

The woman who is a 21 year old Tiktoker has been accused of bombarding Mason Mount with text messages for four months after their relationship was ended by Mount. She was eventually blocked by Mason.

Jason Seetal further stated that Mount was contacted via 21 different phone numbers, with some messages featuring images of the footballer with other women.

Mount who is also currently considering leaving Chelsea, released a statement. According to the Daily Mail, it said, “Miss Sloan knows roughly where I live and where I train. I’m worried as if she is unable to contact me she might turn up at my training centre.”

Who else was harassed by the woman?

It was also revealed that Sloan did not just stalk Mount. She also messaged his friends, family, and teammates, such as Billy Gilmour and Ben Chilwell.

Sloan opened an Instagram page named ‘Devil Baby’ where she posted images of all three stars with different women. She then tagged their family members in those photos.

Orla Sloan, 22, admitted one count of harassment without violence and two of stalking to Mason Mount

Billy Gilmour, who now plays for Brighton, said the messages had disturbed his career and life.  The woman had falsely accused him of getting her pregnant. He said,

“I have not been able to sleep and have had to take sleeping tablets. It’s had a negative effect on my performance and professional life. Being in a new town where I don’t have my friends or family, it’s really upsetting.”

Sloan has almost 85K followers on her Instagram account. There she posts photos of her enjoying luxurious trips.

The next hearing will take place on June 20 where a sentencing will be delivered. Currently, she has been given an unconditional bail for her crimes. If Judge Neeta Minhas considers her crimes to be worthy of prison, she will do so.

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