After Nuggets defeated Lakers in playoffs, Gilbert Arenas claims Nikola Jokic cannot be the face of NBA: “He doesn’t have ‘IT’”

Fans and commentators alike have been captivated by Nikola Jokic outstanding performance for the Denver Nuggets in the postseason. Gilbert Arenas, a former NBA player, has a different viewpoint and thinks that Jokic’s reputation wouldn’t be much affected even if he were to win the NBA championship this year.

With back-to-back MVP wins beginning in 2021, the forward has been nothing short of amazing during the regular season. He failed to complete an unprecedented three-peat as MVP, losing to Joel Embiid in 2023, but he did accomplish a rare achievement by guiding his club to the NBA Finals. For the Nuggets, a team that has played in the NBA since 1976, this feat is particularly noteworthy.

Gilbert Arenas expressed skepticism about what lies ahead for the Denver superstar despite the anticipation of the audience for the future. Arenas stated on JJ Redick’s podcast, “The Old Man & The Three,” that he didn’t think Jokic’s probable championship triumph would much alter his position:

“You know Jokic can win this championship. No one’s going to care. Let’s just be honest. I’m sorry. He’s not gonna go from where he is right now to this super megastar because he’s not doing anything kids want to see.”

The media’s focus on and view of the Denver market occupied a substantial portion of Arenas and Redick’s talk. Despite the fact that Jokic is unquestionably one of the league’s finest players, there is a perception that his connection to Denver restricts the amount of excitement and influence he can have on a bigger scale.

Jokic, though, keeps giving exhilarating performances on the court. In addition to shattering long-standing NBA records, the Serbian centre has a talent for making incredible shots in crucial circumstances, demonstrating his abilities and enthralling spectators.

Nikola Jokic’s stats this season

The star centre for the Denver Nuggets, Nikola Jokic, had an outstanding year, averaging 24.5 points, 11.8 rebounds, and 9.8 assists across 69 games. His steady performance was essential in getting the Nuggets to the NBA Finals. He displayed his outstanding abilities throughout the playoffs, turning up standout performances in each game.

His capacity for scoring, grabbing rebounds, and setting up offence made him a powerful presence on the floor. Nikola Jokic had an influence that went beyond his great stats because of his remarkable basketball intelligence, court vision, and playmaking prowess. His outstanding regular season and postseason exploits confirmed his spot among the NBA’s elite players and established him as one of the league’s top talents.

How important is Nikola Jokic for the Nuggets?

Nikola Jokic has been driving the Denver Nuggets on their historic run to the NBA Finals. He has led the club with his extraordinary abilities and leadership as a two-time MVP. With his amazing effort in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals, Jokic established an NBA record for the most triple-doubles in a single playoffs with 30 points, 14 rebounds, and 13 assists.

His influence extends beyond statistics because he made the Nuggets into a club capable of winning championships. It is impossible to overestimate Jokic’s value to the Nuggets, and his individual achievements—including being awarded the MVP of the Western Conference Finals—have further established him as one of the best players in the game.


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