Days after the X-rated birthday celebration, Larsa Pippen left “traumatized” by one Michael Jordan word

The story of Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan, the offspring of the famed NBA legend Michael Jordan, who, as luck would have it, happened to be Scottie “No Tippin” Pippen’s teammate in Chicago, has been the talk of the town for quite a while. It’s one of the utmost scandalous affairs to emerge from the NBA in recent memory.

If you want celebrity rumors with a dash of sporting substance, this is the one for you. Larsa just began dating a considerably younger man after formerly being married to NBA icon Scottie Pippen. As nothing unlawful or strange had transpired, the story would normally end there. However, in this case, the guy was none other than Marcus Jordan, the heir of “His Airness”.

Larsa Pippen felt traumatized following Michael Jordan rejection

It is in line with the expectations that almost everybody has been chitchatting about a newfangled Jordan/Pippen partnership given the depth of this tale’s layers. Even Michael Jordan himself voiced criticism of his son’s new relationship, but the response to the first was considerably more favorable than this one.

“No,” was the answer Michael “The GOAT” Jordan gave to Paps when asked if he backed Marcus’ connection with Larsa Pippen. It is not at all surprising that the former teammate’s wife has now come out and said that his remarks have traumatized her since the legendary hooper’s words carry enormous weight.

“You thought it was funny,” during the most recent episode of the couple’s “Separation Anxiety” podcast, Larsa described to Marcus. “I didn’t think it was funny, there is nothing funny about it.” “I kinda felt like it went everywhere and I was kind of embarrassed.”

“It probably is awkward for my ex and your dad because they have their own relationship, or whatever it was. I wasn’t a part of that and you weren’t a part of that so I feel like for them it probably is weird. Oh my god, I was traumatized.”

Larsa Pippen seen celebrating 49th birthday in brazen Marcus Jordan video

Last week, Larsa Pippen memorialized her 49th birthday. The reality TV personality then had a night out on the town with her considerably more youthful lover, Marcus Jordan who has only stepped into his early 30s. The two were spotted leaving towards the well-known Miami Beach eatery Carbone.

Michael Jordan

In a recent social-media post, Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan can be seen getting into a highly public display of affection while festively acknowledging her birthday. Jordan may be seen in the post smoking a sheesha pipe through Larsa Pippen’s dress while being in a fairly crowded area.

Since September 2022, Pippen and Jordan have been seeing one other, and they frequently appear at high-profile events. Marcus was observed smoking a hookah from a pipe that was stuck beneath the top of her dress, blowing smoke out towards her bosom, and then moving on to motorboat Pippen.

Jordan added text to the reel that read, “Happy Birthday Baby,” and at the bottom, “Mood all day.” Funny enough, Larsa had declared last month when enquired about her love life that Marcus’ family including Michael Jordan was “fine with it.”

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